Warp Bros

Warp Bros® is a premier manufacturer of Genuine, Top Quality extruded polyethylene sheeting, heavy-duty trash can liners and contractor bags, drop cloths, lawn & garden plastic products, oversized storage bags, ribbed shelf liner and ribbed floor runners, window materials, and acrylic safety glazing for the home and industry.  All Warp’s Genuine Poly-Cover® plastic sheeting is guaranteed to be full weight, full measure and thickness.

All Warp’s products are proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Visit us on the web www.warps.com

A small sampling of our products:

Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Shelf Liner product

Add BULK to your Plast-O-Mat® product assortment and increase your category sales.  Economical, value-added “Best Selling” 12” x 20’ double roll is a natural to your Ribbed Shelf Liner product line-up.

See Warp’s at the ACE Show Booth #2336 and see how BULK will help your bottom line.

Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Floor Runner                                                                                                                                          

50’ x 30” Heavy weight BULK  Plast-O-Mat® Floor Runner is the perfect floor runner. Protects carpets from mud and tracking. Waterproof.  Available in clear or white. Also available in white and 100’ bulk rolls.

Carry-Home Coverall

Carry-Home® Coverall® is the Original Consumer Plastic Sheeting sold through dealers since 1954. Exclusive dealer rack displaying popular 4 mil consumer sizes. Takes up less than 2 square feet. Available in clear and sun-resistant black.

Jiffy-Cover Drop Cloths

Jiffy-Cover® Drop Cloths are the all purpose cover.  Easy to open, easy to use. Full thickness and full honest weight.  Super tough and fully waterproof.  Designed for vertical or horizontal retail display.  Made in USA.


Flex-O-Bag®  Extra heavy duty contractor bags should be used where rugged clean-up and heavy trash are involved

Lawn & Garden

Easy-Edge® Landscape Border, Law Border and Lawn Edging products are the choice of professionals.  These edging products feature a long-lasting, flexible and frost proof design with easy installation.

Shrink-it® Window Sealer Kit

Shrink-it® Window Sealer Kit insulates and seals out cold winter drafts. The choice is clear with the finest optical clarity and fastest shrinking of any shrink window kit on the market. The tough film resists tearing and the kit includes double-faced tape. Available in three sizes.

Warp’s Banana Bags®

Oversized storage Bags are made of of tough, see-through 2 mil plastic. Warp’s Banana Bags® are sealed against moisture, dust, bugs and spiders. They also resist tears and punctures. Made in USA.

.Original Flex-O-Glaze™ Acrylic Safety Glazing

The Original Flex-O-Glaze™ Acrylic Safety Glazing is the Top Quality choice for acrylic safety glazing. Flex-O-Glaze is pure virgin acrylic which won’t yellow or become brittle.  Made in USA.

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