Wagz™ Launches Go Smart Door and Roam Smart Shields

LAS VEGAS–Wagz, Inc., pioneers of smart pet tech, today launched the newest additions to its highly anticipated suite of pet care products – The Wagz Go Smart Door and Roam Smart Shields – at CES 2019. Along with the Explore Smart Collar, the Serve Smart Feeder, and the Wagz app, the Wagz product suite offers unrivaled insights into canine behavior and health, while also helping owners keep their dogs safe and happy.

The Explore Smart Collar is the only collar on the market that allows pet owners to set virtual boundaries for pets using gentle, ultrasonic corrections. The Go Smart Door can be applied to standard doors in the home using the Wagz installation equipment and integrates with the Explore Smart Collar so that owners can let dogs in and out, all from their phone. The Roam Smart Shields also connect with the Explore Smart Collar to establish virtual no-go zones indoors to ensure our four-legged friends stay away from places and things that are off-limits or unsafe.

In addition, the Explore Smart Collar and Go Smart Door both integrate with the Wagz Serve Smart Feeder – the feeder that identifies and automatically delivers the exact amount of nutrition based on breed, environment and activity levels – providing dog owners with unprecedented knowledge about the health and happiness of their best friend.

Today, Wagz announced they will begin fulfilling preorders for the Explore Smart Collar and early bird preorders for the Go Smart Door. Customers are also now able to preorder the Roam Smart Shields, in addition to the Explore Smart Collar and Go Smart Door, all of which will ship by the end of January. Wagz fans can expect the entire line of Wagz products to launch general availability and immediate shipping by the end of January as well.

Key Features of the Go Smart Door ($549):

  • Multi-Dog Management: Set individual schedules and let the right dog in and out – at the right time.
  • Secure Entry & Exit: Know your dog is safe with the door that only opens for your dog’s unique ID tag and shuts with a secure flag lock.
  • Motion-activated HD Video Camera: Watch your dog come in and out, and extend home security by catching any other movement that occurs near the door with the Wagz video subscription plan.

Key Features of the Roam Smart Shields ($49):

  • Indoor Geofencing: Credit card-sized shields can be placed anywhere around the house to set up invisible boundaries around rooms or on furniture.
  • Humane Corrections: Shields pair with the Explore Smart Collar to deliver a safe ultrasonic correction as well as a vibration and auditory signal help train your dog to stay where they should.
  • Multi-Dog Management: Manage multiple dogs by pairing with individual Explore Smart Collars.

“Dog owners are passionate about being the absolute best pet parents they can be, and we address the common worries most dog owners have,” said Terry Anderton, CEO of Wagz, Inc. “Dog parents want to be connected with their dog – whether they’re at home or at work – and with the Go Smart Door and our companion app, you’re able to check in on your dog, and even let them out in the yard safely, thanks to the virtual fence created by the Explore Smart Collar. Establishing a safe environment is also important, and with the Roam Smart Shields, they get a little help from the Explore Smart Collar to ensure dogs aren’t getting into anything dangerous indoors.”

Wagz will be demonstrating the complete line of products at CES Booth #42155 in the Smart Home Hall of the Sands Expo, and at Pepcom on January 7The full suite of Wagz pet care products is available on Wagz.com and will be available on Amazon later this month.


The Wagz connected pet lifestyle uses first-of-their kind technologies to build the only system that delivers a completely connected pet lifestyle. We committed ourselves to building a family of products that work together to cover the most pressing needs of pet parents. Our smart collars, doors, feeders and more deliver a system that allows you to give your dog newfound freedom, better nutrition, long-lasting health and more attention. It works with one simple app. It gives you one very happy pup. For more information on Wagz, visit www.wagz.com, or find us on Facebook or Instagram.

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