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U.S. ecommerce sales grow 40% in 2020

CHICAGO, November 19, 2020—Ecommerce will cross $839 billion this year, ending 2020 growing faster than it has in at least two decades. That’s just one data point from Digital Commerce 360’s months-long, in-depth analysis of how the pandemic shaped ecommerce in 2020. We knew retailers and industry players couldn’t wait till next year to learn about the impact of the coronavirus because a once-in-a-lifetime, seismic shift in retail is happening right now. 

This report—the first of its kind at Digital Commerce 360—will cover brand new exclusive research on 2020 ecommerce, including a full-year ecommerce and retail projection; ecommerce growth by category; a projection on U.S. marketplaces growth; and trends that will stick beyond the pandemic. It also includes a preliminary ranking of the top 250 North American online retailers.  

Key facts from the report:

  • Ecommerce sales will grow 40% to $839 billion by the end of the year.
  • Ecommerce will account for 21% of all retail sales in 2020.
  • The top retail chains will collectively grow online sales 77% this year.
  • Retailers selling toys and hobbies products will grow online sales nearly 200% in 2020.  

This all-new 2020 U.S. Ecommerce Market Report includes:  

  • An overview of how the pandemic impacted retail this year, including ecommerce and retail sales and growth projections
  • A ranking of the largest 250 North American retailers, based on projected 2020 ecommerce sales
  • Ecommerce growth projections for 14 merchandise categories
  • 2020 online retail growth projections for the top five retailers in 13 categories
  • A list of bankrupt retailers in 2020
  • Analysis of U.S. marketplaces growth
  • A projection of U.S. ecommerce growth in 2021 

Purchase the 2020 U.S. Ecommerce Market Report.  

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At Digital Commerce 360 Research our goal is to provide data and information about ecommerce that helps retail companies, investors and technology providers prosper. The team tracks hundreds of metrics on roughly 6,000 online retail companies around the world, including such sought-after data points as web sales and traffic, conversion rates, average order value and key technology partners used to power their ecommerce businesses. We sell this data in its raw format in our multiple online databases, and we dig deeply into these numbers in our custom research division, and to help inform our 30+ exclusive analysis reports we publish each year on key ecommerce topics, including online marketplaces, cross-border ecommerce and omnichannel retailing.

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