Twist and Seal

The Twist and Seal family of products are specifically designed to keep water out and your lights on. Whether you’re protecting a holiday light display at home or keeping your cord connections safe on the job site, Twist and Seal has got you covered. Twist and Seal products are all proudly made in the USA and can be found in over 20,000 stores across North America.


Twist and Seal Mini
The Mini is specifically designed to protect any holiday light power cord connections from rain and melting snow. It has never been easier to protect the electrical connections on your holiday light display. No more messing around with plastic bags and duct tape. Get smart, get safe, get Twist and Seal.

Twist and Seal Cord Protect
The Cord Protect offers heavy duty extension cord protection for home and garden use. It is uniquely designed to protect a wide range of extension cord plug heads. Perfect for protecting your outdoor cords connections from rain, sprinklers, melting snow and poolside splashing. Keep the water out and your lights on!

Twist and Seal Maxx
The Maxx is built for the job site and is able to withstand the toughest of conditions. It is uniquely designed to protect heavy duty 10 gauge contractor grade extension cord connections, while automatically adjusting to protect smaller diameter 16 gauge homeowner electrical cord connections. A patented cord strain relief system prevents the extension cord connection from being pulled apart while on the job or while hoisting tools.

Twist and Seal Cord Dome
The Cord Dome protects multiple extension cord connections including entire power cord strips and Y-connectors. The Twist and Seal Cord Dome completely encloses your power cord connections to keep your home and family safe from electrical hazards. Ideal for creating outdoor power hubs or covering large connections on RVs and other recreational uses.

Rhino Cart is specifically designed to conquer uneven and rough surfaces while carrying a heavy load. With 8 heavy-duty urethane wheels, the Rhino Cart can roll up and over cracks, thresholds, ramps, transitions, stones, cords, and even 2×4’s. No more getting stopped in your tracks while moving a heavy load. Every Rhino Cart is proudly designed, produced, and manufactured in the USA.


Moving just got easier!

Rhino Cart All Terrain Mover

The Rhino Cart is the most rugged all terrain moving cart on the market. It’s a heavy-duty moving dolly specifically designed to conquer thresholds, uneven surfaces, and even hard pack dirt & gravel while carrying up to 1,500lbs. Rhino Cart has a telescoping frame that allows it to go from 12.5” wide to 46” wide so you can easily move a variety

If you have ever carried a heavy bucket or can of paint, you know why Bucket Gripper was created. The Bucket Gripper easily slips over a factory bucket handle or can go directly on the wire loop. It’s a perfect way to bring new life to a lovingly used bucket or supercharge the performance of a new bucket. Get a better handle on it!


Bucket Gripper
Bucket Gripper is designed to make carrying a heavy bucket more ergonomic and comfortable. The Bucket Gripper easily slips over a factory handle or can go directly on the wire loop. Landscapers, painters, masons, and DIY’ers who have tried Bucket Gripper wonder how they moved heavy buckets without it.

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