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Twist and Seal Outdoor Cord Protectors

Twist and Seal Cord Protectors for Summer Safety

In spring and summer, your customers spend more time outside. Make sure their outdoor cord connections stay dry and safe. Keep water out and power on with these innovative products from Twist and Seal! They are a great way to increase your top line revenue.

CORD PROTECT: Home and Garden Connections

The Twist and Seal Cord Protect is your go-to for light and medium duty extension cords. The patented sealing system and built-in strain relief are a perfect way to protect connections on water pumps, yard tools, and outdoor entertainment lights. With the Cord Protect your connections will stay dry all season long. Proudly made in the USA.

Poolside Cord Protection

MAXX: Large and Heavy-Duty Connections 

If you’re a contractor or use heavy-duty extension cords, the Maxx should be in your toolbox. With its large capacity and robust cord relief horns, the Maxx is ready for the job site. The gasketed sealing system accommodates cords from 10-16 gauge and the commercial grade plastic ensures that it can take a beating. The Maxx will help you keep your job site safe plus your cords will last longer without all the knotting. Proudly made in the USA.

For more information call 888-945-4545 OR visit www.twistandseal.com

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