TSI Announces the Annual EnergyTech Conference & Expo – October 22-25 at IX Center

Cleveland, OH — This year’s EnergyTech conference, in collaboration and cooperation with Information Security Summit (ISS), will gather over a thousand attendees to what is now known as “Summit Week.” The gathering will include technical professionals and decision makers from diverse backgrounds, e.g. – IT Security Professionals, System Engineers, Utility/ Power Engineers, Researchers, Developers, Technologists, Business Managers and Policy Makers from diverse segments such as Utilities, Corporations, Government and Academia. The conference topics will address system complexity, model-based engineering, advanced control networks, power technologies, and security management in Energy, Aerospace, Transportation, Critical Infrastructure, and MicroGrids.

Call for Presenters will be open until end of July (some exceptions allowed). Exhibitors with relevant items and offerings are welcome. Exhibit space available in standard 10×10, 6′ Table, and Custom arrangements.

Visit: www.energytech.org

Nore: Telepath System, Inc (TSI) is a 501 c3 non-profit entity engaged in the mission of education and advocacy for systems engineering principles, methods and practices. Since 2013, TSI has actively managed the EnergyTech conference series.

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