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Top U.S. Builders Distinguished with the 16th Annual Avid Awards for Highest Homebuyer Ratings

MADISON, Wis.–In recognition of the best builders providing extraordinary customer experiences, Avid Ratings is proud to announce the winners of the 16th Annual Avid Awards. Homebuilders throughout the U.S. were honored with the prestigious awards for scoring highest with their customers on homebuying experience surveys. Award winners were chosen based on results received from some of the largest publicly traded NYSE/NASDAQ builders, North America’s largest private builders, and hundreds of small volume and custom builders from coast to coast. This year’s program had 633 qualifying builders from all over the United States and Canada and covers homebuyer data from January to December 2018.

“We are thrilled to honor the winners of the 16th Avid Awards, who have set the highest standards for home quality and customer service across North America,” said Paul Cardis, founder and chief executive officer of Avid Ratings. “Our goal is to provide homeowners with the certainty that their builder will not only meet, but exceed, their homebuying expectations.”

The Avid Awards are regarded as a trusted benchmark of customer service performance in the homebuilding industry. Avid Ratings has long been at the forefront of bringing transparency of builder performance to consumers by consumers since 1992. In order to determine the Avid Award winners, homebuilding companies are evaluated using Avid’s award-winning platform. Every homebuyer survey in Avid’s database is meticulously analyzed to determine each builder’s Avid Index Score, which is evaluated using scores from the total homebuying experience, the willingness to refer, and the actual number of recommendations a buyer has made.

“Avid Ratings is a great way to see our strengths and weaknesses,” said Bryan Zecher, president, Bryan Zecher Homes. “Through the surveys we are able to see where our partners and vendors are doing great and also have visibility to see areas we need to work on to be better. I appreciate our customers and our team of suppliers, vendors and contractor partners who serve them.”

“Hakes Brothers strives to make every customer feel like they are getting the White Glove treatment. Winning an Avid Award means we are on our way to our goal. We know that there is still more work to do, but we are grateful for this award and it is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the entire Hakes Brothers team,” said Chris Hakes, division president at Hakes Brothers – Albuquerque.

Each award-winning builder must score at or above the top 25th percentile in the United States to be recognized with an Avid Award.

Avid Cup

The Avid Cup recognizes the single builder with the highest customer ratings across all surveys throughout North America, taken from contract signing through one year of home ownership.

2019 Avid Cup winner in the U.S. is as follows:

  • Arthur Rutenberg Homes – Bryan Zecher Homes

Avid Diamond Award

The Avid Diamond Award recognizes builders with the highest scores in their nation on the New Home Move-In Experience survey, taken from purchasing experience to the first 90 days of ownership. The United States has one award each for Production, Small Volume, and Custom builder categories.

Avid Diamond Award winners in the U.S. are as follows:

  • Production: Rausch Coleman Homes – Tulsa
  • Small Volume: Hakes Brothers – Albuquerque
  • Custom: Arthur Rutenberg Homes – R.W. Wilson Homes

Avid Gold Award

Avid also distinguishes top building companies on a regional level with the Avid Gold Awards. This award is presented to builders with the highest scores in their region on the New Home Move-In Experience survey, taken from purchasing experience to the first 90 days of ownership.

Avid Gold Award winners in the five U.S. regions are as follows:

North Central Region

  • Production: Mayberry Homes – Michigan
  • Small Volume: AVB
  • Custom: Encore Homes Inc

Northeast Region

  • Small Volume: Mitchell & Best

South Central Region

  • Production: Meritage Homes – Austin
  • Small Volume: Nies Homes

Southeast Region

  • Production: Mungo Homes – Charleston
  • Custom: Arthur Rutenberg Homes – Andrew Arthur Homes

West Region

  • Production: Meritage Homes – Denver
  • Small Volume: Woodhill Homes
  • Custom: Estes Builders LLC

Avid Benchmark Award

The Avid Benchmark Award recognizes any U.S. or Canadian builder scoring among the top 25 percent of Avid’s nationwide databases on the New Home Move-in Experience survey, taken from purchasing experience to the first 90 days of ownership. The winners of the Avid Benchmark Award in the United States are as follows:

North Central Region

  • Production:
    • Veridian Homes
    • Lancia Homes
  • Small Volume: Traditions Building Group

Northeast Region

  • Small Volume: The Green Company

South Central Region

  • Production:
    • Rausch Coleman Homes – Oklahoma City
    • Meritage Homes – Houston
    • Horizon View Homes – San Antonio
    • CareFree Homes
    • Rausch Coleman Homes – Northwest Arkansas
    • Rausch Coleman Homes – Jonesboro
    • Meritage Homes – Dallas/Fort Worth
    • Rausch Coleman Homes – Little Rock
  • Small Volume:
    • Definitive Homes
    • Windsor Homes

Southeast Region

  • Production:
    • Meritage Homes – Charlotte
    • Neal Communities – Boca Royale
    • Mattamy Homes – Raleigh
    • Meritage Homes – Orlando
    • Neal Communities – South
  • Custom:
    • Arthur Rutenberg Homes – Nelson Homes
    • Arthur Rutenberg Homes – Lyons Housing
    • Arthur Rutenberg Homes – Kensington Homes
    • Arthur Rutenberg Homes – Lyons Heritage Tampa
    • Brown Haven Homes
    West Region
  • Production:
    • Meritage Homes – Phoenix
    • New Tradition Homes – Southwest WA
    • Hayden Homes – Oregon Central
    • Abrazo Homes
    • Richmond American Homes – Southern CA
    • Richmond American Homes – Riverside SO CA
    • Hayden Homes – Idaho
    • Brookfield Residential Hawaii
    • Meritage Homes – Active Adult
    • Hakes Brothers – Rio Grande
    • Meritage Homes – N. California
    • Meritage Homes – Tucson
    • Vantage Homes

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