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Tips for Conserving Water & Saving Energy at Home

Clean, fresh water is a precious and limited resource. Conserving water helps protect the environment and saves energy.  

The Home Depot wants to help ensure water lasts for future generations; that’s why the company partners with WaterSense to promote the manufacturing and sale of water-efficient products. Together, we’ve saved more than 250 billion gallons of water.

Household leaks can add up to nearly 1 trillion gallons of water lost every year. Fixing these leaks conserve water and can also reduce utility bills by about 10%.  

Here are some ways consumers can make a difference.  

To learn more about the company’s commitment to sustainability, check out the 2021 ESG Report and Eco Actions website.  Click here for quick tips on how to fix a leak in your home. 

Republished from The Home Depot Corporate News Website

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