The Self Storage Developers Academy

Indianapolis, IN, July 03, 2018 — There’s a Fundamental Shift Taking Place in Self Storage Development. The recent recession forced a number of businesses and individuals to downsize or pursue shared accommodations. This created a nationwide spike in demand in storage for all that excess inventory and personal items that businesses and individuals couldn’t part with.
At the same time, virtually all new development projects were halted as the Federal Reserve viewed any new development projects brought by the banks as “risky and speculative.”

The problem is massive, and both new investors and established industry brands are understandably concerned.

But is there a solution?

There is, and its been found.

To win in 2018, a team of capital sources and industry leading experts to move swiftly and with confidence.

Introducing… The Self Storage Developer’s Academy

The Self Storage Developer’s Academy is unique because it brings self storage developers, industry leading suppliers, and eager capital sources all together in the same room to network, share ideas and discover new opportunities.

And why is Self Storage Investing doing this?

Because investors and developers need a road map and a team…and the leading providers of self storage building supplies and services need educated, capitalized entrepreneurs to take advantage of the hole in the marketplace.

And that’s why this event was born.

Self Storage Investing wanted to find out what would happen when the best developers, suppliers, and capital sources get together to:

-Discuss (and debate) the latest and most innovative business models across the self storage landscape
-Share groundbreaking trends and technologies, and
-Collaborate and forge truly innovative partnerships and joint ventures

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