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The “Hillside Planter”

Soil Erosion, water runoff and mudslides are serious problems and the land found on steep inclines is frequently un-plantable. “Hillside Planters” address these problems and were developed specifically for reducing soil erosion and water runoff on slopes, banks or hills. The planters promote and encourage strong plant growth and soil stabilization. “Hillside Planters” are unique, beneficial and inexpensive allowing gardens or vegetation to grow on land that was previously difficult or unsuitable.

“Hillside Planters” literally terrace the plants and not the hill. Two versions are available: the “Permanent” and “Biodegradable,” and both are available in small quantities for home gardeners or larger ones for commercial landscapers, municipalities or other government departments. They install quickly and are great for handling a wide variety of plant sizes, from the smallest ones up to five gallons. Once in place, they allow water to reach plant’s roots, while reducing both runoff and watering costs.

Use for:

  • Quickly Re-establising Vegetation on Burned Out Areas
  • Reforestation
  • Habitat Improvement
  • Home Gardens
  • Highway/Municipal Beautification


The “Biodegradable Hillside Planter” has a 3-5 year, bio-degradation period allowing enough time to revegetate even the steepest slopes.

Verified ASTM D6954 Tested: ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Material)

  • ASTM D4410-94
  • ASTM D5208-01
  • ASTM D3826-98
  • ASTM D882-09

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