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The Genie Company Launches All-New Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

MOUNT HOPE, Ohio–The Genie Company announces the launch of two innovative, all-new residential units, the Model 6170 and 6070 wall mount garage door openers. These openers offer an unprecedented mix of features and benefits that make operating a garage door smarter, cleaner, quieter, and more convenient.

The most drastic visual aspect about either opener is the elimination of the bulky rail that extends above the garage, as is common for other openers. The wall mount openers hang to the side of the door, connected to the spring bar or tube. When activated, the opener simply turns the bar or tube to operate the door, removing the need for any ceiling rail.

The Model 6170 goes a step further with the integration of Aladdin Connect smart controller and battery backup. Aladdin Connect®, Genie’s award-winning smart garage door opener controller, allows homeowners to monitor and control their garage door 24/7 with its free app. Since it is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Yonomi, homeowners have a variety of options for their preferred way of keeping tabs on or operating their garage doors.

The absence of a rail is a big reason for another compelling benefit for both models – their quiet operation. Since many mechanical parts of common opener rails are eliminated, noise is naturally reduced. Yet another reason for the quiet operation is that without a rail attached to the ceiling, noise and vibration are not transmitted as easily to any room above the garage. These features combine to create smoother door operation.

The patent pending Internal Slack Cable Detection pulses the motor for the initial start of door travel confirming that the door cable has tension before allowing closure of the door. This unique internal detection safety feature cannot be bypassed and eliminates the installation of external detection devices.

“We are excited to launch this first-of-a-kind product for Genie,” said Dave Harnish, Genie product manager. “The wall mount design gives homeowners a new way to view their garages. By cleaning up the ceiling, they can either enjoy the open space view or use it for additional storage area.”

Harnish added, “Because of its compact design, Genie wall mount openers take up minimum side room and consume significantly less wall space, which is a big plus in garages where space between the garage door and side wall is limited. The rail-less design is cleaner and less cumbersome to help the garage be viewed as a true extension of the home.”

Though the unique design is compact, its power is not. Thanks to a strong 24V DC motor, the Genie wall mount openers are powerful to lift even heavy residential sectional garage doors up to 14’ high and on standard lift, vertical lift, or high lift up to 84”.

Both wall mount models come with Genie’s new wireless wall station. With its optional flashing blue light for better visibility in the dark and pleasing aesthetics, it offers a closing delay option of 10, 20, or 30 seconds. That provides plenty of time to safely and calmly exit the garage before the door starts moving. The omission of wiring for the wall station is a cost advantage to installers and builders alike.

The side location of the release handle offers easier access and greater security, as opposed to a release handle that hangs at the center of the door where a vehicle is sometimes parked.

The Genie wall mount garage door opener makes forced entry nearly impossible as it has an automatic door lock. At the end of every door close cycle, the opener closes a dead bolt lock through the door track, hindering any attempt to lift the door.

For convenience and security, the automatic LED Bluetooth light eliminates wiring between the opener and light, which means it can plug into any standard outlet within line of sight of the opener. It remains on for four (4) minutes after the opener is activated, reducing the chance of a homeowner being left in the dark after the door has closed. The wireless wall station allows the light to be operated without having to activate the opener.

About The Genie Company

The Genie Company is based in Mt. Hope, Ohio, and is a leading manufacturer of smart, connected garage door openers and accessories for residential and commercial applications. The Genie® name itself is a well-recognized icon among homeowners, builders, and dealers alike. Genie distributes its openers and accessories through a broad distribution channel of professional dealers, wholesalers, and retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. To learn more or for regular updates, become a Genie fan on Facebook, follow us on TwitterYouTube, and Instagram, or visit

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