Team Depot Prepares for Hurricane Season

Preparing for a disaster can involve many things. Gathering drinking water, securing generators for electricity or simply writing down the address of a designated community shelter are all good steps to take. For Team Depot, The Home Depot’s associate volunteer force, disaster preparation starts with relief kitting.  

In March, Team Depot packaged nearly 800 relief kits in anticipation of the 2021 hurricane season. The critical supplies packed inside can benefit a number of different disasters, including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, snow emergencies and more. 

“It’s really indescribable what the relief kits mean to impacted people,” says Team Depot Captain Greg Hyatt. “They can get to the disaster zone in one day and eliminate the delays of getting much-needed items in people’s hands.” 

The Home Depot Foundation partners with ongoing national nonprofit partners to store and ship relief kits once they’re packed. For these 800 kits, Operation Blessing is the trusted partner who will be transporting them all over the country when and where they’re needed most. 

Most recently, Team Depot supported relief efforts with additional kitting and cleanup in Newnan, Georgia, and Birmingham, Alabama, following destructive tornadoes in March. The Home Depot Foundation also committed up to $500,000 to aid with immediate relief efforts, including short and long-term recovery for communities impacted by historic winter storms.  

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