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Star brite has a long history of supplying consumers with products that enable the enjoyment of both outdoor and indoor spaces.  With great long-term partnerships in the Hardware and Home Improvement industry dealers can easily find a good selection of Star brite products through their warehouses as well as a wide selection of products available through drop ship. With such a broad range of product categories Star brite crosses over into many retailer departments including Cleaning Chemicals, Automotive, Outdoor Power Equipment, Marine, Paint, Electrical and RV.

Star Tron
Fall is the peak season for preparing outdoor power equipment for storage over the long winter months. Good fuel storage is critical for the equipment to start up trouble-free come springtime. A simple dose of Star brite’s Star Tron fuel treatment is an excellent solution for stabilizing fuel in power equipment and keeping stored gas fresh. In addition to storing equipment Fall is a good time to dig out the winter necessities like snowblowers, generators, and chainsaws to make sure they are running properly and freshen up the fuel with Star Tron.

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Teak Care
Natural wood furniture is a beautiful accessory to any outdoor living space and proper care through the winter months is essential to good storage. To prepare the furniture for winter storage a quick cleaning with Star brite Teak Cleaner & Brightener will remove any residual dirt and weathered look. This cleaning can then be followed with a quick coating of Star brite Premium Teak Oil that will soak into the wood and allow it to remain in an excellent and ready-to-use condition while it is being stored.

Teak Oil:

With COVID-19 creating unprecedented demand for disinfectants, Star brite has been able to supply key retailers with our Performacide Hard Surface disinfectant that is EPA registered and appears on the List N of disinfectants that the EPA has determined are effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Performacide ships in a dry pouch with a mixing bottle that consumers can simply fill with water and drop the pouch into to make a powerful freshly-activated disinfectant. To meet the added demand Star brite has invested in additional machines and manpower to increase our production capabilities in a very short time to 10-times what was being produced pre-COVID.

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Read our Press Release on how Performacide is on the EPA’s list of disinfectants for use against SARS-cov-2:

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