Sloggers(R) Waterproof Comfort Footwear

SLOGGERS® MADE IN THE USA waterproof footwear has been the leader in the Lawn & Garden footwear category for over 15 years. We continue to define the standard for comfort, quality, price and fashion.  Our high customer satisfaction ratings are in part due to our commitment to using the highest quality materials. 

Every year, we produce new prints and colors to assure that our retailers have a fresh new look for their customers. In addition to new prints, we also continue to develop new hat designs, most of which are rated UPF 50+, and provide the maximum protection from the sun. We don’t sell to the big boxes though. Instead, we have chosen to reach the independent Lawn and Garden dealer through key distributor partners.

We value long-term partnerships, and pride ourselves on the length of our relationships with our customers. We see every customer as an investment, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to maximize the potential; yours and ours.

Principle Plastics, the sole owner of the SLOGGERS® brand, has been manufacturing waterproof footwear at the same location in Los Angeles since 1948.

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