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Six Tips to Create a Sustainable Oasis

Blue skies. Green grass. Sunshine. There’s a lot to enjoy in outdoor spaces. But if you want to enjoy it for years to come, it’s important to protect nature—even in your own backyard. 

Here are six tips to make your outdoor entertaining space a sustainable oasis:  

 1. Capture the Rain Need to water your flowers, shrubs and vegetables? Put down the hose and pick up a rain barrel. It captures rainwater that can be reused to water plants in your backyard or garden. Try this 50 gallon Eco Rain Barrel made from 100 percent recycled plastic.   
  2. Feed the Soil Give your garden a boost with an all-natural soil conditioner made from yard and food waste. This provides gardens with much needed nutrients and helps retain moisture in the soil. Try “The Earth Machine” Composter—it holds 80 gallons and is manufactured from recycled materials.   
  3. Be Kind to Pollinators Invite special guests like hummingbirds and butterflies for a nutritious meal by filling your garden with pollinator-friendly plants like lantana, milk thistle, fennel, foxglove and lavender.   
  4. Get Decked Out Looking to update your outdoor deck? Trex Decking is a great, sustainable choice. It’s made of 95 percent recycled material, including excess plastic from The Home Depot stores.   
  5. Shine the (Right) Light For outdoor lighting, it’s important to illuminate your backyard, not the whole sky. Choose shielded, downward-facing lighting to lessen the impact on wildlife and minimize blue light emissions. Look for the International Dark Sky Association-approved products here.  
  6. Pave the Way Struggling with rainwater runoff and erosion? Hardscaping might be your answer. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has great tips to get you started.   

Interested in making your home more sustainable? Visit the Green interactive house to browse all the EcoOptions tips, tricks and products. 

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