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Show Your Appreciation to Employees this Holiday Season

It feels good to know you are appreciated. The holidays are the perfect time to show employees you value their efforts to support your business. A dedicated staff is an essential ingredient in every high-performing operation. This point is especially true for small businesses since fewer workers usually share the workload. Unfortunately, many employees feel unappreciated by their managers and company. However, statistics indicate when employees’ contributions are recognized, morale improves significantly.

A survey conducted by Snappy Gifts, a corporate gifting firm, found that 95 percent of employees feel being recognized by employers for their contributions creates a positive culture and motivates them to be more engaged with the company. The survey also indicates one in three employees feels undervalued. “Employers need to place as much value on their employees as they do their paying customers, “said Hani Goldstein, Snappy Gifts CEO.

Being unhappy may eventually lead to top employees leaving your business. It’s increasingly difficult to hire qualified employees in today’s tight labor market. The better option is to retain the talent you already have and find ways to reward them for their hard work and performance.

Gifts Help Employees Feel Appreciated
Gifts or bonuses express your goodwill to employees. When surveyed, 100 human resource professionals said 78 percent of employers give workers a gift or bonus during the holiday season. Small business owners work closely with their staff and get to know them personally. Consider this season as another opportunity to express your gratitude for their dedication throughout the year.

Surprising store associates with a personalized gift they will enjoy can go a long way. Be sure to give a meaningful gift that shows your connection to the person receiving it. However, the facility should not be too personal. You also don’t want to give something the employee will re-gift or toss in the trash. 

  • Almost 45 percent of employees believe their value at a company is reflected by the gifts they receive. Yet, more than one in three people have never received a gift from their supervisor.
  • About 40 percent of people have re-gifted or thrown out a gift they received
  • Almost 70 percent of respondents would rather provide input on the gift they receive

“Recognition is one of the most powerful motivators, “Goldstein says. “Paperweights and other generic corporate gifts are old-fashioned, boring, and often quickly forgotten. Personalized, meaningful tokens of appreciation, on the other hand, can create a memory that builds the foundation for higher overall performance.”

What Not to Do When Giving Gifts
Since gift-giving is a way to build stronger bonds, make the gift about the employee and not the company. It’s a caring gesture, so avoid adding the company’s name or a big logo. If the gift is meaningful, it will be memorable. 

Many small and mid-size businesses have seen sales plummet during the pandemic. Fortunately, the home improvement industry has experienced record sales. Whether you have a good budget or a small one, give employees the best gift you can afford. Don’t compromise on the quality and purchase something just because it’s cheap. That defeats the purpose you have in mind. Stretch your dollars and be creative when deciding what you can afford to give.

Popular Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank
Gift cards can reflect employees’ different personalities and interests. They make giving personalized gifts instead of a bonus less difficult. People appreciate gift cards they can use at their favorite store, restaurant, or coffee shop. Music lovers are happy to receive gift cards that hook them up to their favorite streaming service. Since the employer decides the redemption amount, it’s easy to work the cost into the budget.

Gift baskets filled with goodies are a special treat that people look forward to during the holidays. Best of all, there are assortments to please everyone from cheese and meat lovers, wine connoisseurs to chocolate gourmets. 

Extra Paid Day Off will be viewed as a thoughtful gesture by employees. Some small businesses cannot offer a paid day off on a rotation basis. However, if it’s possible to schedule a bonus day for each individual, it will be worth the effort on your part. Employees who are well-rested and happy are more productive than those who are tired and grumpy. 

The holidays are already stressful for business owners, so don’t overthink the presents you plan for employees. Just make it a thoughtful gift. It will be your way of saying thank you. 

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