Retailing Whole House Fans

Thorwaldson Whole House Fan Company has released the world’s first high performance rooftop mounted whole house fan. The Model ER-8000 pulls 8005 cubic feet of air per minute (8005 CFM) which will replace all the air in a 3000 SF home with 8 foot ceilings in 3 minutes) at just 550 watts.

A study of 22 retailers in America shows that of the top 10 stores based on number of locations, only 3 have more than one source. 3 have none, and 3 have just one source.

The 10th is Fastenal – a store known most for hardware.

None of those stores have rooftop mounted whole house fans because none have been available.

If you are a retailer looking for a very profitable niche product with a huge market, write or call him at 951 296 3611 for details.

The market includes the millions of manufactured and mobile homes plus the very popular mid-century modern homes – most of which are in California, Illinois and North Carolina.

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