Plan Your Deck Construction This Winter

Burnsville, MN, November 02, 2018 — The Minnesota deck builders at remind homeowners to start planning their deck construction now to ensure production is completed on time for early spring. Rather than wait for the weather to turn warmer, the experts at affirm that winter offers an opportune time for homeowners to design the layout of their outdoor deck area, as well as compare cost estimates and meet with a deck building company to begin construction as soon as the ground thaws.

However, before planning the initial designs of an outdoor deck, homeowners need to consider three important factors: decking materials; features (i.e. deck accessories); and the costs to build a deck.

When considering which materials to choose for the construction of a deck, homeowners should first decide whether they prefer wooden material or composite materials. Although traditional wooden decks are appealing in price, appearance, and functionality, they require routine maintenance to avoid costly deck repairs in the future. Composite decks, on the other hand, are maintenance free and are designed to withstand seasonal changes, such as rain, ice, and snow.

Deck accessories are another important aspect of your initial deck construction plan. For example, homeowners should consider if they’d like to include deck lighting, a spiral staircase, custom storage units, screen rails, or a pergola for added privacy and protection from the outdoor elements.

Finally, homeowners will need to plan a reasonable budget that covers the costs of building a deck and also takes into account any unforeseeable issues that may affect construction. Deciding whether to build a deck or hire a company to perform the work is another essential component to consider during the budget planning phase. A homeowner’s budget can also influence the type of deck materials and features to include within the plan.

Although winter is just a few months away, now is the best time for homeowners to begin the early stages of planning their deck construction projects. For questions on planning the initial deck design or to learn about county codes and requirements that may affect construction, contact From deck repair, replacement, and new construction, can help you plan your next deck project and offers free deck quotes.


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