Paint-Savers Introduces New Paint Preservation Product

Englewood Cliffs, NJ — According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), discarded paint is the single largest problem, with regard to clearing hazardous waste sites in the USA. Millions of gallons of paint are wasted every year. This has a catastrophic effect on the environment, as well as costing tradesmen, homeowners and D.I.Y. enthusiasts a considerable amount of money.

Traditional paint cans, even modern plastic ones, simply do not store paint well once they have been opened. Over the months, the paint degenerates, making it unusable. The only option is to throw it away and buy fresh paint – until now that is. Paint-Savers has come up with a new option, one that will keep your paint fresh and ready to use for an extended period.

The problem that needs to be overcome to effectively store paint, is that of oxidization. Once you open an airtight paint can, oxidization is unavoidable. Indeed, it is the oxidization process which helps paint to dry. The air left in the used paint can just cannot be removed and the leftover paint starts going bad.

Paint-Savers has come up with a new way to store paint, that keeps it from oxidizing. Using this new storage technique will let you keep your old paints usable for 5 years or more. This provides some excellent benefits, such as always having usable paint on hand for touching up, without having to buy in a whole new can. This is especially useful for people who have had paint specially mixed. Rather than try to get the same color and shade mixed freshly, they will be able to use the exact same paint that they have stored using a Paint-Savers product.

The Paint-Savers re-usable air-free paint storage container comes with a special label that enables keeping an exact record of the type of paint being stored. When matched to the unique Paint-Tracker™ App, it becomes easy to catalog your paint projects and keep track of what paint was used in each area. This also makes buying in the exact same paint again much simpler.

Speaking on behalf of Paint-Savers, Ron Brisard, President of TQ-Max, LLC., has said that, “Anyone who has ever opened a can of paint knows that once it is open, it is only a matter of time before the paint goes bad. How many of us have a tool shed or storage area full of old, rusted paint cans full of unusable paint? All this paint could have been saved by using one of our air-free paint containers.”

The new Paint-Savers™ product is available now from the company website at either singularly, or as a discounted multipack for professional painters.

About TQ-Max
Established since 2012 in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, TQ-Max has developed and distributed a wide range of consumer products. Its latest product, Paint-Saver™, is driven by a desire to help the environment by reducing paint waste deposal while enabling consumers and commercial enterprises to save money while better managing their painting projects. A true win-win situation.


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