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Optimize Your Website to Gain Trust and Credibility with Consumers

What does Your Website Say About Your Business? It would be best if you thought of your website as the doorway to your online business. It should be welcoming and invite consumers to enter to discover what products await them when they journey inside. First impressions matter, and the quality of your website can determine if consumers will continue engagement with your business. 

Technology is altering how retailers interact with shoppers in the digital space. Change is occurring historically to accommodate how consumers purchase products and process information. Businesses unable to flex and adjust their strategic plan are in jeopardy of falling behind competitors and will be unable to get back on track later. A website shows people your business exists and enables them to learn what merchandise you offer.

  • 81 percent of shoppers conduct research online before making a purchase
  • 55 percent of consumers search for online reviews
  • 47 percent want to review the business’ website

Some Businesses Choose to Opt-Out
While 71 percent of small businesses have a website, 29 percent of owners have decided they don’t want a website for various reasons. Many believe their operation is too small or that social media is a better option. However, for those retailers who maintain an online presence, there are benefits in building credibility with consumers and connecting with other businesses.  

  • 20 percent of small businesses use social media instead of a website
  • 27 percent of owners believe a website isn’t relevant to their industry
  • 26 percent of companies are concerned costs of operating the site may outweigh sales

Making the Investment Pays Off
No one can tell your story better than you can. Social media has much information that has little relationship to the truth. It’s essential to have a control platform to portray your brand, products, and services accurately. Making it simple for potential customers to locate you online and click on a website is one facet of good customer service. The site should be clean, functional, and easy to navigate to convince shoppers and tradespeople your online store is the right choice. 

Magnifies the Reach of a Physical Location
Home improvement retailers often have one or more locations—some operations are regional chains. Yet, the reach of physical stores is limited since they exist in a specific place. That’s not the case with the web. It reaches people in the next city, state, country, and global shoppers. Although that may be too ambitious for your purposes, the potential for what can be achieved is exciting. Your website can attract new customers, vendors, and businesspeople in your community who may want to partner with you on a future project.

Compete with other businesses
Every person who starts a business wants it to bloom and continue to grow. Operations fail each day because they fail to thrive in a competitive environment. Maintaining a website is fundamental to 

promoting products and engaging consumers. It shows your operation is credible and likely to be around for a while to stand behind the products you sell and that you’re willing to provide service beyond a single transaction. A website can’t keep you in the game, but it can get you off to a running start. 

Deliver Great Service 24/7
Home improvement retailers hang their hats on providing exceptional service. Physical stores don’t stay open 24/7. However, a website has no doors to lock and can keep doing business around the clock. It’s the ideal way to allow shoppers to browse and buy at their convenience. Communicate with potential customers and make them aware of sales and special events. Websites are the perfect way to build community and update loyal customers.

Look at Your website with a critical eye. Correct any shortcomings and keep it looking fresh. Shoppers can be easily persuaded to leave your site for one that is more engaging and has more to offer in terms of appearance and accessibility. Most importantly, keep a positive attitude and don’t get frustrated when things don’t go as planned. Take it one day at a time.

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