October is Fire Prevention Month

There are so many things we take for granted in today’s world, and fire prevention is one of them. While most of us take it for granted, it’s something that only occurs when someone in a given house or a given business focuses on it and takes the appropriate actions. Awareness is necessary followed by planning, procurement, installation, inspection and communication.

Most people tend to think fire safety and fire prevention is all about smoke detectors and having a fire extinguisher around. It begins before the installation of the smoke detectors and involves more than one fire extinguisher. Fire prevention experts start almost every safety inspection with a check of construction materials in both residential and commercial buildings. Fire retardant and flame resistance materials have been available for decades and improve regularly.

After confirming fire retardant materials have been used, or you’ve replaced/upgraded what isn’t up to code, it’s time to procure the necessary smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. Residences should have a functioning – and tested twice annually – smoke detector on each floor and in each bedroom along with a fire extinguisher on each floor plus two additional ones: one in the kitchen and one in the garage. Safety experts also recommend a carbon monoxide detector in each bedroom as well as on each floor.

Within your retail outlets, October as Fire Prevention month is the perfect time to have your employees all primed and ready to upsell the customers how come in just looking for one smoke detector… one fire extinguisher… They may not know what fire safety truly entails and it’s the perfect chance to educate them some – in a way that results in greater sells for your outlet.

As we draw closer to the end of the month it’s important to remember that we’re going into the holiday season. More home fires get started through cooking accidents, both indoor and outdoor, in November and December than the rest of the year. From the sales and marketing perspective, it’s of value to your outlet to extend fire-safety/prevention related sales through the beginning of November.

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