New INOX TwistLock gives pocket doors a pop and lock

INOX introduces a unique two-in-one tubular lock for pocket doors called TwistLock™.

It is the industry’s first combination of a spring-loaded, integrated edge pull that rotates to convert into a lock bolt. The hardware’s patent-pending design is constructed from 304 stainless steel to offer maximum strength and durability ideal for a variety of residential and commercial applications. “TwistLock is both a pop-out edge pull and rotating lock bolt, meaning you only need one installation and one standard door prep, which is an unprecedented solution for builders and interior designers,” said Qianyan Cheng, INOX co-founder and Vice President of Product Development. “We found that other companies only offer two separate products, or have pop-out edge pulls that are difficult to handle and cause sliding doors to have alignment issues and malfunctions. INOX uses higher quality engineering and materials to ensure a long-lasting, dependable product for peace of mind.”

How it Works

  • TwistLock features a gear-driven design and a unique hammerhead bolt that functions as both the spring-loaded edge pull and the locking bolt.
  • The bolt easily pops out and functions as an edge pull, allowing for a more comfortable grip when pulling the door open or closed.
  • When turned horizontally, the thumbturn rotates the hammerhead bolt 90 degrees into a solid locked position.
  • To open the door, return the edge pull to the vertical position by rotating the thumbturn, slide the door open, and push the edge pull back into the lock for storage.

Key Features of the INOX TwistLock

  • TwistLock’s edge pull and lock are constructed from 304 stainless steel, setting it apart from similar products within the industry which traditionally use metals such as zinc, lead, or copper. Stainless steel is long-lasting, durable and withstands environmental factors, such as rust or salt spray in coastal settings.
  • TwistLock’s ergonomically-enhanced edge pull has a curved grip and no sharp edges, providing easy and comfortable operation.
  • A beveled strike design supports the alignment of the pocket door while simultaneously operating the lock.
  • Both the lock and edge pull are tested for 250,000 cycles to ensure commercial-grade strength and maximum durability.

TwistLock is designed to fit in a standard 2 1/8-inch bore and is available in Satin Stainless Steel and Graphite Black finishes. For more information about INOX and its products, please visit

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