New from Bullseye Enterprises

Adorn your outdoor faucet with the flora and fauna of nature! For the first time ever, now you can simply and easily replace your old outdoor faucet handle with a beautiful new Festive Faucet!No plumber needed, Festive Faucet handles have a universal adapter that easily fits onto any outdoor faucet and can be changed out in minutes!Enjoy every day with the beauty of a Festive Faucet!

Welcome to the Better!Broom – the most powerful and effective outdoor broom you’ll ever use! Heavy- duty yet lightweight, the Better!Broom combines the features of a rake with a broom to power through leaves, gravel, birdseed, pine needles, sand, and light snow. Handcrafted from the Coconut Palm, the Better!Broom is eco-friendly and all natural, and its slim design fits into cracks and crevices with ease. It’s simply a Better Broom!


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