New Company – KINU® Offers Two High-End Coffee Grinders and Adjustable Tamper for Enthusiasts

Coral Gables, FL — With the experience of having manufactured more than 22 million grinders in the last 25 years for the most well-known vendors worldwide, KINU®, their own brand, was born to reach one goal: “Make the best coffee grinders in the world.”

Dr Eduard Biernatek, a German dentist with a passion for mechanics, created a unique design capable of self-centering the conical burrs of Kinu grinders, therefore, delivering consistent results. Sturdy, full metal construction and micro-metric adjustment are the result of German engineering at work.

This small family company offers its products directly on their website ( for connoisseurs or have their products demonstrated by selected resellers world-wide.

Specialty coffee outlets and local roasteries are in high demand by an ever-growing population of enthusiasts who understand that the most important piece of hardware involved in the flavor extraction is the grinder.

Kinu offers two of the best coffee grinders on the market today. Usually, hand-held grinders have a 38mm burr. However, Kinu has a 47mm burr and an anti-rotational feature making it easy to operate for faster grinding.

The 68mm table-top grinder, adapted to higher daily use, is vacuum pump stabilized for easy (single handed) operation. With its huge burrs, one espresso (18g) is 20 seconds of manual grinding away.

The self-centering of burrs resulting from the exclusive design, generates consistent granulometry adapted to all brewing methods from Ibrik, Espresso, Pour-over to French-Press.

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