Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizers

Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizers are derived from the cold, clean, dark, mineral rich North Atlantic Ocean, which is nature’s perfect source (in the perfect balance) for the nutrients plants and soil need, to be very healthy, and increase yield and quality.  This is a family business located in Gloucester, MA. The primary product, Fish Fertilizer, is made from the remains of the Fish after the fillet has been removed. It is great way to utilize 100% of the Fish. Retail and bulk products include, cold processed liquid Hydrolyzed Fish, Seaweed, Fish & Seaweed Blend, Tomato & Veg, Rose & Flowering (specifically for cannabis) Lawn Starter, Turf Formula, dry Kelp Meal, Crab & Lobster Shell and more.

The liquid products are used as a soil and foliar feed, and the dry products are mixed in the soil before planting. There are many benefits to using these protein-based products. The plants and soil receive macro and micro nutrients, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, omega oils and naturally occurring growth hormones that make fish grow. Produces nutrient dense food, bright vivid flowers, and green healthy lawns. Free samples are available for testing, so you can see the results for yourself. 

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