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National Adhesive Distributors – Welcome to 2021

2020 has come and gone. It was a year of hardships & opportunity, but we are grateful to have finished the year on a high note. While fraught with its challenges, 2020 also provided us with the platform to accelerate our plans and bring our business forward a year from where we’d expected to be. This was done through the tireless effort of the team, the support of our suppliers, reps, & customers, and the belief, excitement and dedication from all. Without the amazing people we have at NA, none of this would be a reality, and I thank each of you for your contribution to our efforts.

National Adhesive Distributors (NA) is excited and poised to take on 2021. With our widespread manufacturer rep group support system and strong brand lines, tied together with our systems, connectivity and well-rounded executive team, we stand ready to make NA a force to be reckoned with in the Adhesive and Sealant industry and in the North American market. As with any start up there are challenges, obstacles and hurdles to overcome, but through strategic planning, strong foundation building, months of preparations, market research and in-depth understanding of the end consumer, NA is thrilled to simultaneously launch the licensed Great Stuff™ Caulks & Sealant Range at the end of the first quarter, and introduce the NEW Glue Angel packaging, produced from the same solid product line of the 25-year-old Glue Devil range, in the first quarter. Additionally, in 2021, we will be driving the sale volumes of the Thicc Brand and introducing our economy brand EISH! into the market. Our crisp, new informative website will be launched in stages starting in the first quarter and evolving throughout the year, with the intent of educating the consumer while showcasing and introducing new product line items.

The Glue Angel range of G Bond, Glue Genius, G Flex, Screw It and Brush on Super Glue products will be on shelf in a number of auto and hardware stores in the first quarter, and our exclusive Brush on Super Glue and Activator kit will be featured on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Thicc is already moving in contractor circles with its flagship “Thicc AF” caulk and “Thicc Roof” (acrylic roofing tape) and will soon be widespread in the roofing market with access to all. Starting with a selected range of Hybrids, Acetoxy, Neutral, and Latex Caulks & Sealants to be introduced under the Great stuff™ Brand, we expect sales of these products to sky rocket quickly. Last but not least, EISH! (an African word of expression, used when one finds something to be astonishing), our economy brand, will speak volumes for itself through great quality at a great price.

I’d personally like to thank everyone that had any impact on NA and its journey, and wish the best to all of you from the NA Team. We eagerly anticipate meeting with you in person when travel restriction lifts, and look forward to hearing the stories of how Covid-19 affected your lives in 2020. Take care, be safe and have a phenomenal 2021 – and enjoy the journey with us.

Dean van Zyl

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