Motorola Announces New Products Aimed at Customer Service Efficiency

The new DLR Series digital radio offers a greater range and coverage over analog models. Motorola’s unique digital technology eliminates interference from other nearby business users, keeps group and private conversations secure, and prevents your team members from interrupting one another before their transmission has ended. DLR radios use license free frequencies, are ultra-compact (4.2” h) and lightweight (4.2 oz.), and are ideal for in-store communications.

Retail hardware’s bestselling earpiece! Keep radio transmissions quiet and out of customer earshot. This lightweight and comfortable earpiece swivels to use on either ear. The build-in microphone with push-to-talk button allows quick response without having to remove the radio from your pocket or belt. Compatible with Motorola CLS, RM, RD, DLR and DTR two-way radios. Stocked in Ace, Do it Best and True Value warehouses.

Ensure your customers receive prompt assistance with indoor or outdoor call boxes. They are widely used in areas such as the key counter, propane island, paint department, lawn & garden, service desk, gates, entryway, and receiving dock. Customers simply press a button and a customized recorded message (up to 10 seconds) is sent to all radio equipped workers alerting them that a customer needs assistance. Messages can be easily changed.


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