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Mayhew Tools Introduces a New 4 Piece Micro Hook and Pick Set

Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. (Mayhew) expands their premium hand tool product line with the addition of a new 4 Piece Micro Hook and Pick set. Proudly made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty, these unique hook and picks measure 5” in length, making them ideal for easy access into tight spaces and/or providing leverage in close quarters. Each set includes a straight pick, 90-degree bent pick, dual angle pick, and a micro hook, part #31098. 

Each tool features a handle made from high-tensile strength Nylon 6 material, making them able to withstand abrasions and damage. Their small size makes them convenient and ideal for easily maneuvering around obstacles and positioning and retrieving various components, such as in the following automotive applications: removal/adjustment of hoses, moldings, clips, clamps, seals, O-rings, cotter pins and gaskets. 

The 4 PC Micro Hook and Pick Sets are offered in clamshell packaging with sturdy hangtag for maximized display space.

Micro Hook & Pick Set Specifications:

Item # DescriptionUPC Code LengthWidthHeightWeight
310984 PC Micro Hook & Pick Set0452563109859.000 1.0004.7500.222 

Individual Micro Hook & Pick Set Specifications:

Item # DescriptionUPC Code LengthWidthHeightWeight
31200Micro Straight Pick0452563120025.0000.600 0.6000.045
31201Micro 90° Bent Pick   0452563120195.0000.600 0.6000.045
31202Micro Dual Angle Pick0452563120265.0000.600 0.6000.045
31203Micro Hook   0452563120335.0000.600 0.6000.045

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