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Lowe’s Teams Up with Dupont to Support Companies Making PPE

As the COVID-19 outbreak expands, the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) continues to be stressed. In response, Lowe’s and DuPont teamed up to support businesses that are transforming their operations to help supply healthcare organizations with needed PPE.

“From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis until the end, DuPont is committed to providing protection for frontline workers.  We are proud to partner with Lowe’s, a distribution partner of Tyvek® HomeWrap and Tyvek® garments, and their selected converting partners in the donation of Tyvek® to support the ongoing and critical needs for PPE,“  said John Richard, Vice President & General Manager of DuPont Safety Solutions.

As part of the #TyvekTogether program, DuPont and Lowe’s donated rolls of Tyvek® 1222A to businesses across the United States, including Merrow Manufacturing, Thermaxx and Studio Designs.  These companies transitioned to manufacture gowns out of the rolls of fabric and donated them to first responders and healthcare professionals. 


From this collaboration, Merrow Manufacturing, who swiftly became one of the largest producers of US-sourced PPE, is now able to create 60,000 additional gowns to be donated to schools, EMS, assisted living facilities and frontline medical workers in July.

“Merrow has been a stalwart of the US manufacturing industry for almost two centuries, and we’re proud to partner with DuPont and Lowes, leaders in their industries, to respond swiftly to the COVID-19 crisis, and ongoing needs of the US medical industry,” said Merrow Manufacturing CEO Charlie Merrow. “It’s an honor to come together to be able to donate much needed PPE to our frontline heroes, and for the supply chain to be 100% USA sourced and produced is an added bonus that we are extremely proud of. We look forward to continuing our hard work to support those protecting our nation and people around the globe, now and in the future.”

The South Fire District of Middletown, Connecticut received gowns from Thermaxx.

“The new Thermaxx gown, manufactured with DuPont Tyvek® 1222A material, is exactly what our first responders need,” said Deputy Chief James Trazaski. “The flexibility, coupled with a solid barrier, allows our first responders the ability to deliver patient care swiftly and with the confidence of being properly protected. The ease of donning and doffing this gown enhances our ability to sufficiently decontaminate after an incident.” 


The partnership is also helping local businesses fill some gaps. Studio Displays in Pineville, North Carolina, a trade show display company, is one of many small businesses already feeling the financial crunch from COVID-19. The downturn in business was especially hard because the company was expecting 2020 to be a strong year.

“We came off a great year in 2019, trade shows were booming, we had a lot of production going on and booked business,” said Lori Pope Rosso, president and COO of Studio Displays. “I remember sitting at my desk, it was a Friday afternoon in early March, and stuff started cancelling one after another. It was that day that I knew it was going to be devastating. We lost about $1.2 million in booked business in a month.”

The company is now using the donated material to keep the company running while helping their healthcare community. The gowns will be donated to Charlotte-area hospitals.

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