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Lowe’s Bucket Brigades in Communities Affected by Hurricane Idalia

On the heels of the first hurricane of the 2023 season, Lowe’s dispatched its quintessential relief program, the bucket brigade, to the communities in Florida and Georgia who found themselves in Hurricane Idalia’s path.  

Associates from the Valdosta, GA, store handed out thousands of signature blue buckets filled with clean-up supplies and cases of water to customers who lined up two hours before the event to get a helping hand from the company. Catherine Wood, a 20-year-strong Lowe’s associate, says she’s never experienced devastation like Hurricane Idalia’s. Still, she says Lowe’s immediate and impactful response has been crucial in getting the community back on its feet.  

Working with Lowe’s, I see where they have really stepped up to help our community get the materials they need in a very easy, prompt way. All the other surrounding stores, Tifton, Moultrie, Thomasville, and as far as Atlanta, have helped us get generators here for our customers, batteries and flashlights.
– Catherine Wood, Store Associate

Not only was Catherine on hand to participate in the bucket brigade, but even after losing power in her own home, Catherine was in the store, alongside her fellow associates, to ensure her neighbors received essential supplies.  

I still feel like I’m blessed to be working for a company that’s helping so many people. And also the people that work here, some of us came to work the same day that the hurricane came to be able to be here to sell generators to our people because some of the people’s refrigerators were losing food, and people were on medicine.
– Catherine Wood, Store Associate

As clean-up efforts continue and power is restored, hurricane season rolls on and Lowe’s will be on hand and ready to help communities across the nation prepare and respond to natural disasters. 

Republished from the Lowe’s corporate news webpage

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