Lean Plando for Lean Construction Planning and Digital Transformation Gets an Upgrade on the Mobile

Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore, May 03, 2018 –(PR.com)– With the growing need in the market to improve the planning of construction projects and to incorporate dynamic inputs and quick decision making, Lean Station is announcing two mobile apps for site teams and the management teams.

Introducing the Lean PlanDo Site & the Lean PlanDo Insights mobile apps.
Lean PlanDo has been increasingly adopted in construction projects worldwide and has been helping construction companies to reduce their wastes on delays, correction works. This has helped the teams to collectively plan and work together and constantly improve on their planning and commitments. To help the team to build up on these behaviours and to transform this as a culture, mobile apps played a crucial role since its release last year in March. The site team immensely benefitted from the mobile apps and reduced their efforts in keeping the plan alive and real-time.

To help teams to practice pull planning effectively, it is important for the entire team including the management to be involved to make quick decisions based on rational analysis. In order to bridge this gap between the site teams and the management team, Lean PlanDo is releasing these two different apps targeting the two separate users in the construction projects.

Lean PlanDo Insights App for the management teams and Lean PlanDo site app for the site teams.

The current Lean PlanDo app will be discontinued with the release and will be replaced with the Lean PlanDo site app.

Lean PlanDo is the world’s only lean construction planning tool that is a true cloud based technology allowing the teams to collectively plan together and work on a common picture aligned with the master plan. These mobile apps carry the updates synchronously and updates are pushed from the cloud to all the users to ensure everyone is kept updated on the changes to the plan. This ensures, not just the team of the main contractor, but the client, consultants and subcontractors to collaborate and have transparent personalized project perspectives. The team will continue to get real-time notifications and updates including valuable insights, performance metrics with the new set of apps or on the web apps seamlessly. The information is now truly at their fingertips.

Lean PlanDo Insights apps will feature Project level insights including expected date of completion, rate of progress, baseline v/s actual comparisons, performance, plan reliability and commitment metrics. It will also include notifications and updates for the management to take critical decisions.

The Lean PlanDo Site apps will replace the Lean PlanDo App and will have rich features of task list, constraint list, progress update, image / attachment uploads, comments, reminders and updates from the progress.

Lean Station has adopted an “always on BETA” tag for all of its apps and products in order to simplify the process of bringing out the new features quickly. This means that the apps will reach the users much faster and with better features always. The bugs that sneaks past into such releases, will always be squashed at the quickest possible pace.

“Lean Station is charting new heights and embracing mobile and cloud more deeply now. We are learning fast and failing fast to ensure our customers get maximum value from the products. The technology behind Lean PlanDo is complex but we have constantly kept it ubiquitous to the users and maintained improvement towards user experience. The mobile experience is fresh and new and is designed to bring in behavioural changes in the users for a productive outcome in construction projects. I am really excited to see the positive feedback that has already started to come in,” says Sharath S Waikar, Cofounder, CEO of Lean Station.

For more information visit: https://www.leanstation.com/mobile & https://leanstation.com/leanplando-process

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