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Welcome to the Kraft Tool Co.® page.  We are an American manufacture that has been proudly serving our customers since 1981. Our vast product line includes tools for concrete, masonry, asphalt, drywall, plaster, tile, floor covering, and leveling. I am your Booth Host, Steve Cook and I am happy to answer any questions you have about these or any of our 5,500 products. Feel free to email me at I hope you enjoy this preview of our innovative tools.

Carbon Steel Finishing Trowels

Professional quality carbon steel concrete trowel is precision balanced and ready-to-use. Each blade is cross ground to just the right dimension for that perfect feel. The square blade finishes all the way to the corners to complete projects large and small. A high-strength, lightweight cast aluminum mounting stands up to the rigors of cement work. Compression fit stainless steel rivets attach the mounting to the blade. An oversized toe rivet provides extra strength when applying pressure during finish work. Guaranteed No-Turn handle design locks the handle to mounting. Kraft Tool’s signature flat trowel with patented ProForm® soft grip handle (US Patent #6,247,204 B1) provides a comfortable grip. The contoured shape and enhanced texture ribbing of the handle reduces fatigue and provides a great grip even when wet. The bright orange handle is easy to spot on a jobsite even after use. Sizes range from 10”x3” to 24”x5” including popular sizes such as 12”x4”, 14”x4”, and 16”x4”. Proudly made in the USA.

15-1/2” Contractor Mag Hand Float

Extruded magnesium hand float designed for superb floating action. The 15-1/2” tough Extru-Lite magnesium blade features beveled edges and smooth rounded corners that give this float the perfect broken-in feel. The narrow 3 in. square ends finishes all the way to the forms and fits corners. Lightweight, durable magnesium smooth’s and levels concrete before finishing. The smooth magnesium blade opens up the pores on the surface to allow proper evaporation. A painted finish protects the blade. The narrow blade is a popular choice for focused control on curbs. The ProForm soft grip handle is precisely positioned to give the float perfect balance for professional floating with less fatigue. Kraft Tool Co.’s hand float with ProForm soft grip handle provides a comfortable grip. The handle is designed with lots of knuckle clearance for comfort when used with or without gloves. The bright orange handle is easy to spot on a jobsite even after use. The enhanced texture ribbing of the handle reduces fatigue and provides a great grip even when wet. Proudly made in the USA.

EZY-Tote Tool Carrier™ Complete Kits

Carry all of your finishing tools at once with this handy carrying bag! Four 6′ aluminum bull float handles are secured to a plastic divider to eliminate slipping when hauling tools. Choose from 1-3/8” or 1-3/4” diameters. Handles are anodized bright blue making them easy to spot without causing oxidation on the user’s hands. The swaged design allows all the handles to connect without any additional inserts. Choose from a 48″ square end or end ribbed Extru-Lite™ Magnesium Bull Float or a 48” Channel Float. Choose between EZY-Tilt® II (CC294), Knucklehead® II (CC296), or Orbit-er™ (CC270) double tilt brackets which come securely attached to the float blade. The strong, yet lightweight blade is “broken-in”, curved, and balanced to prevent digging. The bag has a cut-out opening for the bracket to protrude while attached to the float without harming the bags integrity. Five exterior pockets hold the user’s tools and personal gear like phones and keys. Four elastic pockets conform around the contents for a reliable fit. The fifth pocket has a flap closure secured with Velcro. Inside the bag are two mesh pockets with zippers and 2 more large pockets with flap closures secured with Velcro. One pocket features stitched dividers for narrow handles and pencils. The bag features plastic straps, metal snaps, and Velcro closures to secure the tools and the bag during transport. The bag is balanced for ease with a padded adjustable strap for comfort. Proudly made in the USA.

Miter Snips

This handy Miter Snip tool is perfect for the professional contractor, plasterer, homeowner, or crafter. This patented tool (US Patent #6,973,725 B2) accurately cuts angles in seconds. The strong blade cuts material up to 1” wide and 1/2” thick. It cuts plastic, decorative moldings, tile edges/trim, and many other materials. The replaceable blades are made from rust resistant stainless steel for a long life. The adjustable miter fence features a built-in protractor to quickly set up measurements for accurate cuts. The Snips come set up with seven preset angles: 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, and 135 degrees. You can easily change the angle by sliding the self-indexing metal guide to the desired angle. A safety lock handle protects the fingers and the blade when not in use. The tool is designed with a place to rest your fingers keeping it away from the blade. Rubber handle grips provide a secure, yet comfortable grasp when squeezing. Bright orange rubber grips are easy to spot on the jobs site. Replaceable blade (#LA355-01) extends the life of the tool. SAFETY FIRST: Always wear safety goggles when using Snips.

Hi-Craft® DIY Drywall Repair Kit

This 7-piece kit contains the basic tools needed for small to intermediate drywall repairs around the house. Mix your material in the hard plastic Mud Pan. Use the attached blade to clean excess mud from your knife. An 8″ flexible Blue Steel Taping Knife has a balanced wide plastic handle for clean taping. Three sizes of Plastic Joint Knives (2″, 4″, and 6″) allow versatility for small jobs such as filling a nail hole to patching walls. Use the 3-sided Corner Tool for finishing both inside and outside corners. All of the knives feature hang holes for easy storage. Complete your project with a smooth, professional finish to your project with the medium grit Sanding Sponge. A handy kit for any homeowner.

Hi-Craft® Vacuum Sander

Attach this sander to shop type vacs to clean as you sand; cutting down on time needed for a job. Multiple airflow channels to minimize dust. Adjustable vent allows control of vacuum force. Durable plastic construction. Elbow pivots 360° to keep the hose out of the way. Molded rubber padding on base for a smooth finish. Comfortable soft grip coating on handle. Easy to use knobs on clamps secure the screen. Use with Fabricut Screen Sandpaper, sold separately. Sander, 6′ Hose, Coupler, Adapter, sandscreen and instructions included. Always wear goggles and a dust mask when using sanding tools.

Easy Mixer Concrete Hoe with Short Handle

Great tool for mixing concrete fast in wheelbarrows, backhoe buckets and other mixing containers. Forged head is a patented design (U.S. Patent #6,412,569) to quickly and easily mix 60 to 90 lb. bags of concrete in less than a minute. The triangular blade measures 7-1/2” x 6” and features two holes within the blade for better mixing. The unique design creates minimal splash as it mixes water and powder with 50% less drag through the materials. The blade is designed to get into the corners to thoroughly mix the materials. Open the bag with the point of the blade. A metal ferrule attaches the blade to a strong 18-1/2” wood handle, which it makes it perfect for small projects and tight spaces. Overall length is 21”. Proudly made in the USA.

White Rubber Mallet

This rubber mallet allows the users to apply force but with a softened strike. No need to worry of sparks from metal striking metal with standard hammers. The 30 oz. rubber head fits on 10-3/8” solid wood handle. A 2-3/8” diameter face is on both sides of the head. The white material is non-marring and great for light colored surfaces. Use with Cornerbead Clinch-on Tools (DC806, DC807) to secure at corners. Or use with a Tapping Block (FC550) to ensure wood flooring is installed tightly in place.

EZ-Kneeler™ Kneeboard

Provides the knees comfortable support and protect – so no more sore knees! A 1-1/2″ thick foam cushion provides knees with a comfortable support and protection. The 12-1/4″x13-1/2″ pad is securely fastened to a durable 14″x24″ tray. The lightweight polypropylene tray features hand holds for easy transport. The tray is washable and chemical resistant. The tray and pad are both washable and chemical resistant. A favorite of concrete finishers, tile installers, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, automotive mechanics, and more. Proudly made in the USA.

36” Landscape Rake with 5’ Handle

This rake’s 36″ aluminum head is made for rugged use on rocks, gravel, mulch, and other landscaping material. The 2-1/2” teeth have ball tips to endure a long life. The straight teeth are great for raking through both landscape and asphalt materials. After raking, flip over the blade to smooth the material for a professional look. Heavy-duty braces support the head. The 5’ handle is anodized to protect the metal and prevent the user’s hands from turning black from oxidation. The bright blue handle is easy to spot on the jobsite. The 1-3/8″ diameter handle is easy to grasp. Ships unassembled. Proudly made in the USA.

Sands Level & Tool Co.® Professional Cast Aluminum Levels

Durable cast aluminum level will not warp or rust making it a choice for many different jobs. The heavy-duty level is precision milled for an accurate work surface. The outer perimeter of the level has a contractor’s red, super hard professional work surface. Three sets of two solid set vials include level and plumb levels for leveling from different angles. Six Cat’s Eye Yellow double bent vials are solid set for accuracy. Double bent vials make accurate leveling easier. The signature red rings encircling the vials provide contrast to the yellow vials making it easier on the eyes to read. Each vial features permanent lines that won’t fade or wear away. The level is guaranteed accurate to .0004 In. per inch. The glass vials are protected by lenses to extend the life of the level. Hand holes provide comfort and ease when moving the level. Hand holes on each end feature an indention for convenient hanging storage when not in use. Store in a Professional Level Case, sold separately, to protect your level and extend its life. Levels available in 12”, 18”, 24”, 28”, 30”, and 48” lengths. Proudly made in the USA.

Sands Level & Tool Co.® Brass Bound Mahogany Levels

The finest selection of mahogany wood provides the foundation for this level, a favorite with masons. Angle bound brass binding is embedded in the wood for extra strength and straightness. The wood has a beautiful smooth finish. Three sets of two solid set vials include level and plumb levels for leveling from different angles. Six Cat’s Eye Yellow double bent vials are solid set for accuracy. Double bent vials make leveling easier. The vials feature permanent lines that won’t fade or wear away. The level is guaranteed accurate to .0004″ per inch. The vials are protected by glass lenses to extend the life of the level. Shock absorbing rubber end caps are secured to the end of the level to stand up to wear and tear on the tool. Two large hand holes provide comfort and ease when moving the level. A hang hole on one end allows for easy storage when not in use. Store in a Professional Level Case, sold separately, to protect your level and extend its life. Levels available in 24”, 36”, and 48” lengths. Proudly made in the USA.

Sands Level & Tool Co.® Brass Plumb Bobs

Professional Brass Plumb Bobs are used by builders and DIY-ers for plumbing work, deck construction, or transit placement. This quality tool is made to find the point directly below the plumb bob and measure the exact vertical alignment in structures. Featuring a hardened steel tip and removable cap for easy centered string installation. The solid brass construction makes the plumb bob durable and long lasting. Ribs on the top cap make removal easy. Bright machine finish brass won’t rust and is easy to see. Available in 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32 oz. sizes. Sold in protective tool packaging.

Adjustable T-Square

Easily set angles on the job with this Adjustable T-Square. A twist of the plastic knob lets the user quickly set the Square to 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90° angles. Anodized extruded aluminum won’t turn your hands black from oxidation. Long-wearing black markings are easy to read. The reverse ruled body is easy to read from either direction. The blade of the features 1/8″ graduations for precision. The 16″ arm and markings at 16″ on blade makes it easy to locate studs. Lip on arm rests on the edge of wallboard and drywall for easy cutting and scoring. Durable 1/4″ thick material stands up to heavy use. The Square collapses for easy transportation.

DIY Tile Tool Kit

This kit features all of the essentials to get started in tile installation. All tools fit in the 5-gallon bucket with lid. The Bucket features liters, quarts and gallon graduations for accurate measurements while mixing material. A Margin Trowel with wooden handle is included for mixing material by hand. Use the 1/4″x1/4″x1/4″ square Notched Trowel for laying down thinset mortar, mastic, or other adhesive material. Shape the tile to desired size with the carbide-tipped Tile Nippers. The 5/8″ wide offset jaws are best for ceramic tile and china. Carbide tips breaks through hard material. Insert the 1/4″ durable plastic Tile Spacers between tiles for a consistent spacing and grout line. After the tiles have set use the dense solid molded rubber Grout Float to push grout into the joints. Use the included Sponge to clean grout off the tiles for a professional looking finish. A pair of disposable gloves is included to protect your hands. Includes instructions to help you get started. Proudly made in the USA.

Bucket Bag

Everything has a place in this tool bag that easily fits over 5 Gallon Bucket, not included. The construction grade polyester backed with PVC material stands up to the wear-and-tear of busy jobsites. Organizes a wide range of tools to keep the job site uncluttered. Includes 42 exterior pockets, 10 interior pockets, and tape holder.

Straight Blade Squeegees

The sturdy aluminum frame provides support to the neoprene blade. Use the squeegee for moving materials such as asphalt sealants or water during clean-up. The durable neoprene blade is safe up to 220°F. The replaceable blade has a square end for a clean finish. Squeegees are available in 18”, 24”, and 36” lengths. Use with any broom thread handle. Kraft Tool’s Heavy-Duty Coated Steel Handle (#GG232) is recommended. Proudly made in the USA.

Orange Thunder™ with KO-20™ Technology Hand Floats

This revolutionary new float is changing how concrete is floated! The Orange Thunder™ with KO-20™ Technology Hand Floats are made with the latest advancement in construction tools. Lightweight engineered material allows for seamless motions to quickly bring up bleed water to open up the surface as it levels and smooths. Low surface friction allows the blade to move faster across the surface with less drag. The hand float features curved surface lines to evenly distribute the paste to keep the surface open longer. The blade grips the surface for working on inclines without downward drift. The 3″ wide square end blade has rounded corners to prevent gouging. KO-20™ material is impact resistant for extended wear. The blade won’t absorb liquids preventing corrosion and rust. Kraft Tool’s innovative new hand float is reinforced with an aluminum bar to mount the patented ProForm soft grip handle (US Pat. 6,473,939 B1 and US Pat. 6,821,468 B2). Enhanced texture ribbing of the handle reduces fatigue and provides a great grip even when wet. The bright orange handle and blade is easy to spot on a jobsite. Patent Pending. Available in 16” and 20” lengths. Proudly made in the USA.

W. Rose™ Margin Trowels with Cork Handle

This tool is ideal for mixing, scraping, patching, and repair. This handy tool is a must have in every tool bag. The 2″ wide blade and tang begins as a forged single-piece of uniquely formulated high-grade carbon steel for extra toughness. Forging also assures product consistency. The blade is then heat tempered with a special time-tested process to ensure uniform blade hardness. Each W. Rose™ margin trowel features a tapered ground blade for flexibility. The forged steel blade and shank offer strength and integrity with no internal voids that could form if it was welded. Forged steel will not weaken or crack. Each blade is carefully hand polished to keep mortar centered on the blade and to resist sliding material. This versatile tool is perfectly balanced with a comfortable weight and flexible blade for extended use. Every trowel is inspected, keeping in mind the high quality standards of the W. Rose™ legacy. The cork handle is designed for a comfortable hold by the user. This premium margin trowel has a cork handle featuring natural moisture repellent properties for a firm grip even when wet. The cork resists vibrations to minimize fatigue. The cork handle won’t absorb dust for easy clean-up. An ergonomic, fatigue-reducing design provides for a secure grip for long hours on the job. Available in 5”, 6”, and 8” blade lengths. Proudly made in the USA.

Chalk Box

Durable metal chalk box is a small handy size for ease in use around a jobsite. Ribbed design makes it easy to grasp. The end of the 100′ line has a hook to tack into position. Fill with chalk and snap the line to mark straight lines. Use any color of chalk to fill the 3oz. container, sold separately. The box can also be used as a large plumb bob. The silver exterior makes it easy to find in a tool bag.

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