Key Investment Solutions Acquires Eco-Friendly Alternative to Chemical Paint Stripping

LEXINGTON, Ky.–Key Investment Solutions announced today that it has acquired StripMasters, a Georgetown, Ky.-based eco-friendly alternative to chemical paint stripping for an undisclosed amount, and will invest an additional $2M to rapidly expand capacity at its Georgetown facility in 2019.

As part of the acquisition, StripMasters will be rebranded under the new company name BLASTICS to reflect its core business of recycled plastic media blasting. The operational leadership and management of BLASTICS, formerly StripMasters, will remain the same and will be closely involved in the plans for expansion.

“StripMasters has a unique model for surface stripping that we see an opportunity to expand and replicate at new facilities across the US,” said Mike Tetterton, CEO of Key Investment Solutions. “Doubling capacity at the BLASTICS Georgetown facility will allow us to meet new demand and provide better service to our existing customers.”

BLASTICS offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to sandblasting and chemical stripping

BLASTICS uses a proprietary paint-removal process called plastic media blasting to gently and precisely remove paint and coating from hard surfaces, such as aluminum parts or aluminum alloy wheels. Unlike sandblasting or chemical stripping, BLASTICS uses recycled plastic media to strip coated surfaces, which is environmentally-friendly and nontoxic.

The blasting media used in BLASTICS’ chemical-free stripping process is made from 100% recycled materials like aircraft windshield scraps. Once the plastic granules are repeatedly used for stripping, they turn to dust, which is then recycled again to be used in concrete or plastic packaging. Through Key Investment Solutions’ industry relations, more than 220,000 pounds of plastic is now being recycled annually.

About Key Investment Solutions

Key Investment Solutions specializes in new business development, acquisitions, seed money and infrastructure assistance for start-up businesses, and capital and leadership for business expansion and growth. The principals of Key Investment Solutions have made investments in more than 25 business start-ups and acquisitions valued at over $150M, and continue to explore ventures in any industry, seeking ways to rapidly accelerate companies that lack the resources or leadership needed to achieve their full potential. Where businesses see obstacles, we see ways to help. Learn more at


Since 2001, BLASTICS has pioneered an environmentally-friendly, nontoxic alternative to sandblasting and chemical stripping by using recycled media to quickly, gently, and precisely remove paint or coating from most surfaces. We specialize in automotive aluminum paint stripping for businesses throughout the US from our headquarters in Georgetown, Ky. Learn more at

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