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Welcome to K-CO Innovations page.  K-CO manufacturers and distributes best-in-class products made in the USA and Assembled by Disabled US Veterans. Our powerful brands include Little Big Shot, Johnny Jolter, and GLϋ.  I am your Booth Host, David Kurrasch and am happy to answer your questions. Just email me at david@kco-products.com. Meanwhile, I  hope this preview provides you with helpful information about our Company and innovative products in the lead up to the Fall shows of 2020?

Highlighted Products

Johnny Jolter PRO Power Plunger


The Johnny Jolter® PRO Power Plunger is the world’s most effective toilet plunger! Retailer’s Choice award winner at the 2018 NHS. Capable of delivering over 140lbs of pressure, it clears toilet clogs with just one push.  Made in the USA, this product is also assembled by Disabled US Veterans. Johnny Jolter® is in the Ace RSC (Ace Item # 4500179), and also billable through Orgill, DoItBest, and True Value.  The Johnny Jolter® PRO Power plunger builds category profit margin just by keeping it in stock.


 Little Big Shot Super Nozzle


The Little Big Shot® super nozzle has become one of America’s best-selling hose nozzles. Made in the USA from solid brass, this powerful little nozzle is fully adjustable. It delivers 40% more force that the best selling jet-wand, uses less water than the classic “pistol” nozzle, and it will not leak up to 60psi. And every one of the more than 6 million sold was assembled by a disabled US Veteran.  You support American-Made and provide work for disabled US Veterans when you stock and promote the Little Big Shot®.


Glϋ All-Purpose Adhesive


Glϋ® brand all-purpose adhesive is the exclusive retail version of a proprietary industrial adhesive originally formulated to bond plastic-to-plastic of different types. But we discovered that this particular formula is effective on virtually all materials including wood, metal rubber and more.  Glϋ bonds quickly, dries clear, and is 100% pure glue with NO solvents. Made in America and packaged by disabled US Veterans, we can enthusiastically say “Finally,…a glue for Everything”®


Company Vendor / Contact Information

K-CO is a direct vendor for the following Retail Hardware organizations:  
Ace Vendor# 47108 
Orgill Vendor# 58727
True Value# 9019      
DoItBest# 7360    

Link to hardware dealer order form: https://www.kco-innovations.com/dealer-order-forms.

Ace dealers and Independents may contact David Kurrasch (david@kco-products.com / 949-429-7379)  

For Orgill, Do It Best and True Values Inquires, contact Tom Krol (Tom@KCO-Products.com / 317-439-1549)

About K-Co Products LLC

K-CO Products LLC is a Irvine, California – based LLC known for innovating in large, highly competitive categories with products that offer distinct points of differentiation in features, advantages and benefits. All products under the K-CO umbrella are made in the USA and assembled and/or packaged by disabled US Veterans.   K-CO Customers include the largest and most successful retailers in the USA, across varying classes of trade, including Ace Hardware, Orgill, Tractor Supply, The Home Depot, HEB and many others.  In 2018, K-CO was honored to be chosen as California’s representative for the 2nd Annual Made-in-America Product Showcase at the White House in Washington DC.

K-Co Home Page: www.kco-innovations.com

Corporate Overview and Vision

K-CO featured at the White House’s 2018 Made In America Product Showcase. See K-CO featured at the :47-:50 mark of the White House video

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