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Is Valentine’s Day a Hardware Holiday?

When most of us think about Valentine’s Day we think about all of the television commercials we see encouraging us to buy candy, roses, diamonds, other jewelry, dinners and more. If you believe the commercials you see, Valentine’s Day is almost exclusively a day when men are supposed to buy for their women. When you think about it beyond the bought and paid for television advertising… that’s just not so. It’s a MUTUAL romantic / significant other appreciation holiday and there are two people in every relationship. So the question as to whether or not Valentine’s Day is a hardware holiday really boils down to: Is your significant other in need of or would they be appreciative of some new tools?

As a retailer, what you need to think about is how to package or sell for Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of items that can make great gifts and some of them can be easily bundled. With spring right around the corner (although local temperatures may make it seem far away), lawn care and gardening tools or supplies can make excellent gifts. While many retailers consider February too early to start selling for spring yard care or gardening / upgrades, the smart retailer is  already reorganizing shelves and highlighting those items that will be needed in two months’ time – and that’s how far away spring is.

On top of lawn care and/or gardening items, a great many consumers will up their game where vehicle maintenance is concerned. Garages get cleaned out and tools either get purchased for the first time or replaced. Ratchet sets, hand or air powered, air compressors, oil drain pans and more are all items that can be bundled together and pushed out “in preparation for that spring driving season.” With Easter and Memorial Day in the spring months, a lot of driving gets done and the winter-speckled vehicles need to be cleaned and prepared. Heck, just bundle a “car cleaning kit” of bucket, sponge(s), micro-fiber towels, vehicle soap, a hand held vacuum and some air fresheners. I should all fit easily in the bucket and you have a ‘grab bag’ item you can discount 10% and still protect your profit margins.

Spring cleaning is a notoriously hated (and loved) function performed during the coming-out-of-winter months and it’s the perfect opportunity for retailers to sell household cleaning items. Brooms, mops, dust cloths, mop buckets, sponges, dish washing gloves and more are all items you can either sell individually or bundle together for that ‘spring cleaning kit.” The limit on creating such bundles really is only your imagination (and supplies).

If you’re at a loss for ideas as to what you can bundle for Valentine’s Day, ask any employee you have that’s married. If you’re at a loss for ideas as to what you can bundle under the banner of “spring cleaning,” ask the same folks. Married folks – husbands or wives – have a good idea of what their significant other would appreciate receiving. Whether it’s garage organization equipment, tools, vehicle maintenance supplies, kitchen cleaning items or whatever… the spouse knows. Take advantage of that in your outlet by getting their assistance in building bundles and start increasing your spring sales.

But first… Valentine’s Day!

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