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Invite More Sales with Holiday Promotions

Creative holiday promotions and in-store events can energize sales and help shoppers get in the spirit of the season. You probably held a few promotions at the start of the selling season, but it’s always good to have a few more ideas in the hopper. The holidays are a time for gift-giving and spending time with family and friends. However, shopping can be stressful, and customers tend to avoid complicated promotions that require too much time and energy. Here are a few simple promotions that are easy to set-up and require a minimum investment of your time.

Create a holiday Pop up Shop
Invite vendors to set up a holiday-themed pop-up shop inside your store on the weekends. Displaying power tools, small appliances, workwear, or pet products in an engaging space is an opportunity to sell new products and popular brands that make perfect gifts. Designate a specific time when the sales rep will be available to answer questions or demo products. Offer shoppers an exclusive discount on merchandise purchased at the pop-up shop. Another option is to partner with non-competing local businesses that sell soaps, leather goods, or jewelry to attract new customers who typically purchase these products in a different establishment.

Set Up a Winter Wonderland
Christmas tree, light displays, and inflatables are the perfect backdrop for a colorful winter wonderland. Serving hot chocolate, coffee, apple cider, and holiday cookies on cold winter days will get more customers to come inside to shop and browse. Hold a raffle to give away one of the items on display in the winter wonderland, or a $50 holiday gift card. Set up an entertainment area and Invite customers to bring their kids along to make holiday ornaments from foam balls, wrapping paper, ribbons, and stick-on “jewels.” Parents get a chance to shop while a store employee keeps the kids occupied while they have fun working on crafts and small projects.

Offer a Free Gift with Purchase
Customers who buy items such as tools or big-ticket items appreciate receiving accessories or complementary products free of charge. Consider giving away a free gift-wrapped cookbook by a famous grill master or assorted bar-b-q sauces with the purchase of a grill. Offering gift cards issued by your business will require customers to return to the store at a later date to make an additional purchase. Change the promotion every week to motivate customers to look for the next offer. Promote the offers on your website and in-store with signage.

Request Photos of Holiday Projects
Ask customers to post photos of their home improvement projects on social media and tag your store. Give everyone who submits a photo 30 percent off their next purchase. Create a sense of urgency by giving customers two weeks to post photos. This activity will help you build connections with your customers and foster a sense of community among DIYers who support your business.

Hold a VIP Event
Reward your best customers with a special evening event. Serve light refreshments, hot apple cider, and seasonal favorites. Hire a trio of local musicians to sing holiday songs and entertain guests. As a parting gift, give everyone a small box of chocolate and a special discount to commemorate the occasion. Make it an annual event that your customers can look forward to every holiday season.

These are just a few thought-starters you can use to liven up the season and get sales moving in the right direction during this peak selling season.

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