Invisco Industrial Announces World’s First 48 Inch Hybrid Rooftop Ventilator

Temecula, CA, June 11, 2018 –(– In 2016 AMCA created a new class of rooftop ventilators – “Hybrid” – after seeing the EcoPower EP900 hybrid made by Edmonds Australia. The term hybrid came from the fact that the EP900 offers both free gravity driven air flow without electric power plus added air flow when using electricity.
In 2017 Kurt Shafer of Invisco Industrial (InviscoIndustrial dot com) introduced a higher performance hybrid rooftop ventilator that is sized to fit in designs using the Edmonds hybrid. Specifically, the EP900 from Edmonds offers 5,558 CFM at under 300 watts through a 36 inch throat. Invisco Industrial offers the EP900 with a larger motor and blade that pulls 14,000 CFM under power and has a taller turbine that offers 10% more gravity air flow than the Edmonds design. The EP500 from Invisco Industrial pulls 8,005 CFM at 505 watts through a 20 inch throat. The tradeoff you make is that the large 36 inch throat offers higher gravity air flow than the 20 inch offers.

Kurt Shafer, Invisco Industrial’s inventor and air movement expert, has just designed the first 48 inch throat hybrid rooftop ventilator that offers free gravity ventilation when the motor is off and 20,000 CFM at full motor power. It also offers you infinitely variable speed using a variable frequency drive you can control with most building control systems. This design incorporates the same proven rain hat pioneered by Edmonds and is now available as the Thorwaldson Tornado made in America.

An example of the value of this new hybrid is the situation at a plastics manufacturer in Southern California. Their ovens and other processes create a huge thermal problem for them. It was reported that the temperature near the 33 foot ceiling can reach 135 degrees F and more. In addition to that the company had been fined by OSHA for unsafe working conditions. The building is over 30,000 square feet so the volume of air is nearly 1 million cubic feet. The minimum requirement for air quality is 4 changes per hour. That translates to 1 million cubic feet of air flow in 15 minutes or 66,666 CFM. That would require 4 of these 20,000 CFM machines to meet the flow.

At Invisco Industrial’s web site you can see a picture of an installation done for another plastics manufacturer in 2014 in Escondido California. It used a small rain roof supported by posts at each corner. That was done to give the fan blade free air for maximum air flow. The latest invention now eliminates the roof and, instead, uses the new Tornado rooftop rain hat now being built here by Invisco Industrial.

For more information call Kurt Shafer at 951 296 3611. Or email

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