Introducing Timber Vaults Concealment Furniture

Boca Raton, FL, July 11, 2018 — Timber Vaults now makes it possible for everyone to add concealment products to their home and offices. As crime rates continue to climb around the United States, these products make it possible for you to effectively prepare your home and keep your valuables hidden in case of home invasions and burglaries. And in the unlikely event of a hostile situation, it also means you have immediate, private access to a weapon.
“Concealment products offer a completely hidden covert compartment to keep contents known only to you,” said CEO Rachel Buehl. “This discrete storage means you can quickly defend your home or keep important possessions hidden in plain sight.”

Timber Vaults products are constructed with exceptional hardwood stocks. Precise craftsmanship offers a beautiful classic look and never gives away your secret. The shelves offer an additional layer of private access: RFID. “Unlike magnet-based systems which can be easily opened, only your specific access card or bracelet will release the locking mechanism,” Buehl continued.

Timber Vaults shelves, mirrors and cabinets are great for concealing handguns, vehicle keys, safe keys, cash, passports or any small private item.

Timber Vault products offer a semi-safe, locked environment for weapons and provide reasonable security and protection. However, they do not and cannot offer the full security offered by a safe or vault and are not completely child-proof.

For more information and details on Timber Vaults, go to or call 1-888-228-0575.

About Timber Vaults

Timber Vaults continues to raise the quality bar and set a strategic course to exceed customer expectations. The company was developed when customers from our other décor line,, asked us to customize their cabinets to conceal items in their homes. Our concealment furniture far exceeded their expectations and now we’re making it available to everyone. strives to have a positive impact on our customers today – and tomorrow.


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