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Introducing the Smart Home App: Hubspace

Navigating smart home technology platforms and integration options can often feel overwhelming. According to a recent study by Statista, when it comes to smart home, most people are concerned with setup, maintenance costs and the complexity of installation. 

Hubspace, powered by Afero, is a smart home solution bringing more than 20 exclusive products from The Home Depot’s proprietary brands into the smart home category, including Hampton Bay, EcoSmart, Defiant and Commercial Electrical. 

Setup is easy. The app is free to download on any smartphone and seamlessly integrates with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. There is no hub or extra equipment required. Anyone with a Hubspace-compatible product, a smart device and internet connection can use the app.

Connected products are equipped with settings that can be controlled via the Hubspace app, allowing full customization to the user’s routine. Smart recessed lighting can turn lights on and off at sunrise and sunset times every day to help conserve energy. Smart LED Tape Lights include a full spectrum of pre-programmed settings to instantly change the color of the space.  

Smart home devices work to make life easier and can be customized as needs change. From automatically turning on and off holiday lights to brewing coffee before a morning meeting through a smart plug, Hubspace and its compatible products are designed to enhance your lifestyle. 

See the Hubspace FAQ page for more detailed information. 

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