Hydroponic Home Growing Sprouts Improved Health & Business Opportunity

Have you had your daily serving of glyphosate, chlorpyrifos, metolachlor, metam sodium and atrazine? These are just the top five chemical pesticides and herbicides used in the production of commercially grown fruits and vegetables on your plate associated with increasing the risk of birth defects, neurological disorders, fertility issues, cancer, blurred vision, lower IQ, ADHD, jaundice, hormone disruption… any of these familiar to you or within your family? It is no wonder why homes, restaurants, universities, and organic farmers are turning to hydroponic growing, opening up a lucrative new opportunity for the neighborhood helpful hardware store.

I spoke with the folks at FullCircle26 Inc., distributors of OPCOMFARM Hydroponic Systems

who provide a wide array of hydroponic growing systems for individuals in their homes as well as for commercial mass-production; and this is what I learned. Most, simply don’t want their healthy produce to have a negative effect on their health or the health of their family.

I was first exposed to hydroponic systems in a Disney Epcot futuristic boat ride. It seems that future is now. While attending the 2019 National Restaurant Show in Chicago, I was taken back by the crowded attention received at the OPCOMFARM booth. Concerned for the same reasons noted above and wanting to deliver healthier and more cost-effective food choices, restaurants, hospitals, universities, and even kosher food suppliers are choosing to grow their own hydroponics foods. Even schools across the country are teaching children the value and importance of growing healthy foods at home with OPCOMFARM Hydroponic Systems.

Here are some other reasons you might want to grow hydroponic foods at home:

· Grow 12 months out of the year indoors regardless of where you live.

· Plants grow faster and can be harvested in as little as 30 days after sprouting.

· Enjoy fresher, healthier and better tasting produce.

· Reduce your produce cost.

· Improve home air quality by growing plants indoors.

· Use only 10% of the water needed to grow in soil.

· Enjoy high quality, pesticide and herbicide free food.

FullCircle26 and OPCOMFARM Hydroponic Systems offer a wide breadth of products from small table top units to larger options that can grow up to 75 heads of lettuce (and other vegetables) all the way up to 40 foot fully automated climate-controlled grow containers, with plans to offer warehouse mass-production units in the very near future. Focused on providing reasonably priced grow systems, all products include OPCOMFARM’s proprietary full spectrum LED lighting; equipped with self-timed watering and lighting controls. Products include starter seeds, growing medium (no dirt needed), nutrients, PH+- packets, and battery-operated nutrient and PH testers. Most grow systems are simple to set-up; however, if you are directions-averse like me, there are also easy to follow videos available.

As the medical and recreational marijuana market become commonplace across the country, hydroponic systems will be in higher demand. At last count thirty-four states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, most allow residence to grow their own at home. Ten states have legalized recreational use of cannabis with Michigan being the most recent and Illinois to become the eleventh on January 1st of 2020. OPCOMFARM Hydroponic Systems offers new growers most everything they need right out of the box, allowing growers to get started the day their system arrives (cannabis seeds not included).

The combined markets of home grown produce and cannabis should be on the radar of independent hardware retailers as customers search for easy solutions and simple home growing systems. It is already a large marketplace that will arguably become a retailer’s newest new dollar growth opportunity with customers coming back for nutrients and supplies. Where better to buy these products than your local helpful hardware retailer?

I learned more than I expected from the folks at FullCircle26 and OPCOMFARM Hydroponic Systems and now look at food differently. I now question the source of some of the diseases my friends and family are struggling with and realize I too, need to begin growing more of my own food at home to safeguard myself and my loved ones.

I invite stores to consider marketing and promoting the many options OPCOMFARM Hydroponic Systems offers toward providing your customers with the opportunity to grow their own safer, cleaner produce for healthier, tastier and chemical free choices.

-Glenn Kaufman-

*published by permission from OPCOM Farm

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