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Home Depot’s 2021 Environmental Partner of the Year

Many things go into Nike shoes. Foam cushions your feet, rubber provides traction and accents made with plastics, and leather and colorful textiles complete the look. But all these different elements can create manufacturing scraps and defective test shoes that need to be disposed of. Add in used shoes consumers throw away, and that’s millions of pounds of waste. 

Nike Grind diverts this shoe and material waste away from landfills and transforms them into a variety of new products, including carpet cushions and gym flooring tiles sold at The Home Depot.  To recognize Nike’s demonstrated commitment to innovation and creating a more sustainable, circular future, The Home Depot honors Nike Grind as the 2021 Environmental Partner of the Year

“We’re proud to partner with companies like Nike Grind to bring quality, affordable products to our customers that have a reduced environmental footprint,” says Ron Jarvis, The Home Depot’s vice president of environmental innovation. “Working with Nike Grind allows us to create a more sustainable future.” 

For the past 10 years, The Home Depot has been the exclusive carrier of Future Foam’s StepAhead carpet cushion, made with 90% recycled materials including the Nike Grind premium foam scrap. Additionally, the company has also introduced Traffic Master gym flooring tiles that use 75% recycled rubber and Nike Grind materials. 

To discover more Nike Grind products, visit your local Home Depot in-store or online here. To learn more about more The Home Depot’s commitment to sustainability, view the 2021 Responsibility Report and Eco Actions website. 

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