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Home Depot Supplier Spotlight: Sexton Farms Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a family affair for the Sextons.  Their fourth-generation family-owned and operated farm was established in 1960, nestled in the mountains of southwestern Virginia and northwestern North Carolina.

Brothers Greg and James Sexton share the responsibilities of running the business, initially started by their grandfather Byron Sexton. Learning about the farm and shearing trees was an integral part of their upbringing. 

“When we were old enough to get involved, we worked here. We spent all of our college summers here shearing trees by hand, with Dad right here with us,” Greg says. “We had a lot of fun. Because I worked here growing up and I knew I wanted to live here, I stayed.”

Sexton Farms grows and supplies The Home Depot with a variety of Christmas trees and wreaths. They specialize in Fraser firs, which many consider to be “the Cadillac of Christmas trees.”

These soft trees have strong branches, solid needle retention, an aromatic fragrance and are native to the North Carolina region. Fraser firs range in size from four to more than 15 feet tall and are an increasingly popular tree throughout the U.S.

Sexton Farms plants three trees for every one tree that is cut down. “The trees are producing oxygen and they’re giving back the entire time that we’re growing these trees. One acre will produce enough oxygen for 18 people. In our county alone, it’s given enough oxygen for more than 255,000 people per day,” Greg explains. “The trees are great for the environment and we’re so proud that this product is sustainable.”

The family’s passion continues as they introduce new family members to the business. The next generation of Sexton sons will join the farm after they complete college. With their Christmas products, the family’s goal is to bring happiness into homes during the holiday season. 

“We want to provide the perfect Christmas tree for every family,” Greg says. 

Editor’s Note: this story was originally published Dec. 18, 2018

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