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HIR: New Product Spotlight July 2019 HIR: New Product Spotlight July 2019
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July 24, 2019


We’ve created a line of cleaners that exceed the customer’s expectation.  From a no-scrub mold and mildew cleaner that cleans in seconds, to a protectant that keeps those nasty stains from returning, MiracleMist is a complete solution.

Our All-Purpose Degreaser and Cleaner is the most robust formulation on the market today, outperforming the products that have led the category for decades.  These are all bold statements.  We invite you to challenge MiracleMist’s ability to exceed your expectation!


Give us a call and let us send you samples and pricing.  Strong margin programs for dealers!  Join our team and let’s build the next great brand together!

Carpenter Bee Trapstik

Unsightly holes in wood siding, fences, or decks mean your home is calling for help – from carpenter bees!

Carpenter bees are named for their habit of boring holes into wood. Once it drills in, the female carpenter bee excavates a tunnel to create a nest and lay her eggs.

What follows is costly structural damage. Over time, the carpenter bee nests weaken wood and leave stains. The holes invite rodents and other pests, as well as mold and rot.

RESCUE!® now has a solution exclusively designed to control these structural pests. The Carpenter Bee TrapStik® lures the insects with colors and a pattern they find appealing. Once attracted, they become stuck on the adhesive surface.

Just hang this trap near untreated wood or wherever carpenter bees are seen, and catch them before the damage is done. Spring is the best time to catch them before they mate, but the Carpenter Bee TrapStik® can be used throughout the summer and early fall.

The Carpenter Bee TrapStik® is pesticide-free and holds up in rain and hot weather. It includes bird guards to keep wildlife safe. Made in the USA, the RESCUE!® Carpenter Bee TrapStik® has a suggested retail price of $10.99.


New Entry Level Automatic Paint Dispensers: X-SERIES Dispensers Provide Simplicity

The new X-SERIES dispensers are designed for retailers that tint up to $100K in paint revenue. Fluid Management believes the performance and simplicity of the X-SERIES dispensers means your business can continue to provide high-quality tinting solutions for your customers. Whether you’re looking for simplicity or reliability, the X-SERIES is the solution for you.

Check out these X-SERIES products:
X-SMART® is the simple option. This dispenser enables retailers to expand their business to the automatic paint dispensing market. Watch X-SMART® Video
X-PROTINT® is the solution for demanding environments. This dispenser allows for more capacity, speed and robustness. Watch X-PROTINT® Video

Find out how Fluid Management can work for you at fluidman.com

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