Delivering the Holidays via Retail Delivering the Holidays via Retail
Delivering the Holidays via Retail View Online

FEATURED CONTENT                                                           Dec. 13, 2018
Lowe’s Suggested Smart Home Gifts

The holidays are here. You may need to shop for more family and friends… or maybe yourself. Here are five gifts to make you look like the smartest gift-giver around. And isn’t that what it’s all about?
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Maximize the Value of Your Impulse Sales

A steady flow of small-ticket sales is vital to the success of any retail business. It’s as true for a lock shop as it is for a mobile locksmith.  These items fall into the category of impulse items and refer to unplanned purchases.
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7 Ways to Wrap Up Last-Minute Sales

Christmas is less than three weeks away and it can be challenging to come up with last-minute promotional ideas that motivate customers to shop your business. Realizing, the holiday season is the most competitive time of year in retail…
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Does Your Outlet Deliver Christmas Gifts?

Deliv, a leader in same day delivery that powers many of the nation’s top retailers and businesses across 35 markets and 1,400 cities, today announced that more than 20 of the nation’s top 100 retailers are using Deliv for same day delivery.
Is Deliv worth a look for you?
PMI Develops Guidance on Indoor Recycled H20 Use

Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) today introduced parameters for the use of indoor recycled water. Developed for the benefit of water utilities to ensure that plumbing products function as intended by manufacturers…
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Comfort Systems Announces General Counsel Transition

Comfort Systems USA, Inc., announced the transition of Trent T. McKenna from his current role as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary to a regional operations role, effective January 1, 2019.
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Charting Holiday Decorations (and sales) From Coast to Coast

Just recently, Home Depot drafted a report that reflected how much consumers spend on what types of decorations all across the country.
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Retail Jobs Grew 18,600 in November

Retail industry employment in November increased by 18,600 jobs seasonally adjusted from October, accounting for 12 percent of the 155,000-job increase reported by the Labor Department for the economy overall, the National Retail Federation reported.
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