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LATEST NEWS & FEATURES                                   December 14, 2020

Review: Scepter® SmartControl Fuel Container
Enter the Scepter® SmartControlTM fuel container. Available in one, two and five gallon sizes, this “gas can” from Scepter® is the next evolution in fuel delivery for your lawn maintenance (and other) gas powered tools.
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Home Equity Reaches Record Highs
Despite the economic impact of the pandemic, home prices soared throughout the summer and fall. Appreciation reached its highest level since 2014 in the third quarter of 2020 as prospective homebuyers…
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3 Retail Trends that will Continue in 2021
Spending more time at home has enabled people to discover their hidden talents. Crafting, cooking, and working on home improvement projects helps people be creative and focus on things other than…
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3 Ways to Build Stronger Customer Relationships
How well do you know your customers? Many of the things you thought you knew about their buying behaviors have changed during this pandemic. Now, consumers are primarily concerned about their health…
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Retail imports still strong after setting new records for the holiday season
“We’ve gone from not knowing whether we would be able to get merchandise from China to having a surplus of goods when stores were closed to having to meet pent-up demand as…
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Lowe’s Unveils Strategy to Drive Market Share Acceleration
“At Lowe’s we will be committed to offering everything a homeowner needs to provide a “total home solution” across every area in the home.  This includes products and services for everything needed to repair and…
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Home Improvement Spending Tops $440 Billion
Earlier in the year, few of us could imagine just how much time we would spend “nesting” at home with little social interactions. However, the quarantine also motivated many homeowners to…
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Tractor Supply Names Noni Ellison SVP, GC and CS
In addition to managing the legal department, Ellison will also lead the Company’s risk management, government relations, licensing and quality assurance/customs compliance, as well as…
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Grainger Hires Anaf Durrani To Lead Product Engineering
With more than 20 years of experience, Durrani has led engineering teams in the travel and healthcare industries.  Most recently, he served as Vice President of Engineering at Ticketmaster, where he led the…
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Small Appliance Sales Rise This Holiday Season
Sheltering at home has disrupted our routines and eating patterns and increased the demand for portable kitchen appliances that complement many lifestyles. This year, small appliances will be at the top of many gift…
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