HIR: Home Textile Trends & Black Friday Deals HIR: Home Textile Trends & Black Friday Deals
HIR: Home Textile Trends & Black Friday Deals View Online

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LATEST NEWS & FEATURES                                   November 23, 2020

Trends in Home Textiles Focus of New IHA Webinar
The International Housewares Association will take a deeper look at the textiles category and the overall trends shaping consumer buying in a new webinar, “Trends in Home Textiles” on Thursday, Dec. 3 at 12 p.m…
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U.S. ecommerce sales grow 40% in 2020
This report—the first of its kind at Digital Commerce 360—will cover brand new exclusive research on 2020 ecommerce, including a full-year ecommerce and retail projection; ecommerce growth by category; a…
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At Home Appoints Kenneth Simril to Board of Directors
“Ken Simril is a dynamic, consumer-oriented CEO with 30 years of diversified functional experience across multiple categories, including consumer products, technology and energy. We look forward to benefiting from…
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Drill Set Black Friday Deals 2020
Black Friday drill set deals for 2020 are underway. Find the latest discounts on impact drivers, driver/drill combos, hammer drills and more. Find the latest deals listed below.
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Black Friday Patio Heater & Fire Pit Deals 2020
Black Friday 2020 sales researchers at Save Bubble are rating all the top patio heater & fire pit deals for Black Friday, featuring all the latest discounts on steel fire pits, portable fire pits, commercial patio heaters…
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The Best Black Friday Makita Deals 2020
Here’s our summary of the best Makita deals for Black Friday, together with the best sales on power saws, drill drivers, inflators, tool kits and more. View the best deals in the list below.
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Prevent Credit Card Fraud This Holiday Season
While there are specific steps consumers can take to help secure their information, businesses can also follow best practices to protect themselves against theft by credit card. The measures will differ for card-present…
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4 Ways to Help Employees Avoid Customer Conflicts
Before the pandemic, customer service primarily focused on answering questions and helping customers select products for their projects. Now, there’s a possibility that employees have to deal with angry customers…
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Holidays Spending Still on Track for Family and Friends
Overall, the consumer’s desire to spend rather than save is good news for retailers. A few months ago, people were saving money at historical levels to be prepared if they lost their jobs or needed an emergency fund. It is…
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