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Fall Means Winter Season Sales

Fall Means Winter Season Sales

Fall Means Winter Season Sales View Online


Making Big Data Work For You

Let’s talk about big data and why it matters to your business. There’s a common misconception that only large corporations that hire researchers and data analysts understand how to incorporate big data into their day-to-day operations. 
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Do You Sell Preparedness?

September is National Preparedness Month. Now, you may ask what home improvement has to do with preparedness? The answer is: whatever you can articulate.
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Help Wanted! Small Businesses Hire More Employees

Last week’s news was dominated by coverage of national politics, Hurricane Florence, and the random mayhem we experience in our society. However, thanks to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the general public and business owners also received some very positive news about the economy that made national headlines. 
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Impact Fees and Regulatory Delays Drive Up the Cost of Housing

The California Homebuilding Foundation today released a comprehensive report, “Cost Drivers Impacting Housing,” that details the multiple factors that can drive up the cost of building a new home in California. 
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First Day of Fall Means Winter Product Sales Push

September 21st marked the first official day of fall for North America. For most everyone else in the country that meant they had to start thinking about cleaning up fallen leaves, slow down on mowing their lawn and making sure they had ice scrapers in their vehicles.
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Holiday Kitchen Makeovers

Halloween… Thanksgiving… Passover… Christmas… All of these happen during the fourth quarter of the year. They also all deeply involve the kitchen in every home. 
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Winterizing Your Garage

Let’s be honest: Most of us like to do work that shows immediate results. Mowing the lawn, painting a room… cleaning your garage. It can be a daunting task to consider and often you don’t know where to start, so we thought we’d offer a few pointers on how to go about it in an organized fashion that ends up with your garage as useful as it can possibly be.
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Lowe’s Delivers Relief After Hurricane Florence

Less than seven days after Florence made landfall in the Carolinas as a Cat 1 hurricane, Lowe’s hosted four community relief events to help customers and associates get back on their feet.
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Houston Real Estate Valuations on Upswing

Houston’s real estate values are trending upward as the region’s economy mounts a recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and a decline in the energy industry, according to Deal Sikes, a leading Houston-based valuation firm.
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