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Smart Kitchen Integration Unveiled at IFA2018

Smart Kitchen Integration Unveiled at IFA2018

Smart Kitchen Integration Unveiled at IFA2018 View Online

FEATURED CONTENT – FROM THE EXPERTS          September 4, 2018

Lowe’s Experts on When to Seed Your Lawn

As fall approaches, you may be thinking, “Is this the best time to plant grass seed in my yard?” The answer – it depends where you live. Whether you grow cool or warm season grass, timing your seeding helps seed germinate and establish quickly.
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Valuable Lessons from Shark Tank

When up and coming entrepreneurs “enter the tank” to present their products and ideas, the frenzy begins. Being attacked with questions by the sharks can be brutal if you’re unprepared and present a weak case for your business concept.
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Creating a Pet Friendly Yard Everyone Can Enjoy

The dog days of summer are almost over but there’s still plenty of time for you and your furry friends to enjoy the outdoors.  However, there are things to consider to ensure a safe, functional and pet-friendly yard.
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Grundig’s Appliance Portfolio Additions

Grundig today unveiled a range of new technologies focussed on meeting the evolving needs of the consumer, while also contributing to a more sustainable future.
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Midea Launched World’s 1st Microclimate AC

In celebration for Midea’s 50th anniversary, Midea Residential Air Conditioner Division (RAC) of Midea Group, a world leading technologies group, launched an innovative microclimate management device “AirX” and announced the Edge Interaction Intelligence (EII) specification standard together with Qualcomm at IFA2018, Berlin, Germany on August 31st.
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LG, Google, and Innit Unveil Breakthrough Smart Kitchen Integration at IFA 2018

LG Electronics (LG), Google, and Innit today unveiled a powerful joint solution for the Smart Kitchen that enables hands-free voice control, step-by-step guided cooking, and automated expert cook programs on premium SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE ovens and ranges.
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Tarps Now Announces Expanded Offerings of Premium Grade Mesh Tarps

Tarps Now® is pleased to announce the release of new lines of Mesh Tarps that helps both consumers and businesses with industrial grade construction that protects against tears, scrapes, acid, mildew, oil and grease.
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Grundig Unveils Exclusive Massimo Bottura Collection

Grundig, Europe’s leading manufacturer of home electronics, today launched its first exclusive kitchen appliance collection in collaboration with the world-renowned and influential chef, Massimo Bottura, at IFA 2018.
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GE Power Launches New Innovations at CIGRE 2018

PARIS–The role of the grid is experiencing a pivotal change. GE Power’s Grid Solutions business (NYSE:GE) today unveiled product innovations at CIGRE 2018 to address customers’ needs to adapt to a more digitalized, decentralized and decarbonized energy landscape.
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