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LATEST NEWS & FEATURES                                          August 27, 2020

Paladin Data Corporation Announces Summer 2020 Release
Paladin regularly rolls out new features, integrations and enhancements to its client base so they are always operating on the latest version. This philosophy ensures…
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Why Visual Merchandising Is Important to Customers
As with most things in business, visual merchandising requires an investment of time, money, and a willingness to put forth the effort. However, when it’s done right…
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H.I.R.’s inaugural virtual event is open!

Be sure to visit the virtual presence of our vendors by clicking on their link below. When you’ve finished visiting with them, “wander around” the rest of the event and explore other vendors!
Cutting Edge Products        Elkhart      Fluid Management
Imperial Blade/Stiletto  K-Co Innovations      Kraft Tool Company
The Original Garden Broom    Plylox Hurricane Window Clips Rescue Pest Control
Screw It Again      Sloggers Footwear        Star brite
Sunnyside Twist and Seal  

Team Depot Prepares Disaster Kits
Team Depot volunteers across District 79 in Northeast Houston and District 260 in Northwest Houston created a total of 500 disaster relief kits. The Home Depot Foundation’s long-standing partner…
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New York Fashion Week is Going Home with Lowe’s
Lowe’s and New York Fashion Week: The Shows have come together to reimagine one of fashion’s most iconic moments, transporting high fashion from the runway to the home.
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Future of Payments – Why Merchants Must Prepare Now
As payment methods continue to evolve, merchants must keep pace to meet consumer expectations. Risk management specialist Chargebacks911 explains how merchants can prepare today for…
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The Home Depot Mobilizes Ahead of Hurricane Laura
More than 250 associates from the company’s merchandising, operations and supply chain teams are working around the clock to move truckloads of products to…
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Tractor Supply Expands Pet Product Line With Victor Super Premium Pet Food
After introducing one of VICTOR’s top-performing products, Hi-Pro Plus, to all stores in July, Tractor Supply is the first nationwide retailer to carry a variety of formulas within…
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The Bottom Line: Category Management
Although owners must change course and quickly adjust to factors beyond their control, there’s little room for error. Rather than relying solely on their instincts, astute retailers also depend on…
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Lowe’s Raises Quarterly Cash Dividend
This represents a nine percent increase over the Company’s previous quarterly dividend and brings the third quarter payout to approximately $455 million.  Lowe’s has declared a cash dividend every quarter since…
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The Future of Retail is as simple as I.D.E.C.
No one would deny that the face of retail is changing due to the forces of e-commerce.  What we may not fully grasp yet is how that pace of change is accelerating and what it will mean for many industries in even a relatively short time…
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