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LATEST NEWS & FEATURES                                          August 24, 2020

The Bottom Line: Category Management
Rather than relying solely on their instincts, astute retailers also depend on category management to make fact-based decisions about those products their customers…
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Lowe’s Raises Quarterly Cash Dividend 9%
This represents a nine percent increase over the Company’s previous quarterly dividend and brings the third quarter payout to approximately $455 million.  Lowe’s has declared a cash dividend every…
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H.I.R.’s inaugural virtual event is open!

Be sure to visit the virtual presence of our vendors by clicking on their link below. When you’ve finished visiting with them, “wander around” the rest of the event and explore other vendors!
Cutting Edge Products        Elkhart      Fluid Management
Imperial Blade/Stiletto  K-Co Innovations      Kraft Tool Company
The Original Garden Broom    Plylox Hurricane Window Clips Rescue Pest Control
Screw It Again      Sloggers Footwear        Star brite
Sunnyside Twist and Seal  

The Future of Retail is as simple as I.D.E.C.
The truth is that technologies such as virtual reality, 3D printing, nanotechnology, and ever-expanding communications bandwidth are laying the groundwork for the next major shift in retail.
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5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Natural Disasters
Several regions of the country have a high incidence of natural disasters.  People who live in these areas are advised by government agencies to plan and prepare for…
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Lowe’s Launches Tool Rental Program Nationwide
The company announced that it will begin rolling out tool rental departments nationwide, creating a one-stop shop for all the tools and equipment Pros and…
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6 Ways to Make Your Business Millennial-friendly
Although the vast majority of retailers have multi-generations of customers who shop with their business, they often make little distinction between the buying habits or shopping preferences of each group.
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Ace Hardware Reports Record Second Quarter 2020 Results
What I’m most pleased and impressed with is the degree to which the Ace team delivered on our highest priority of protecting our people and serving our neighbors,” said John Venhuizen, President & CEO.
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Lowe’s Reports Second Quarter 2020 Sales and Earnings Results
Sales for the second quarter were $27.3 billion compared to $21.0 billion in the second quarter of 2019, and comparable sales increased 34.2 percent.  Comparable sales for the U.S. home improvement business increased…
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New Chalk Reels from Crescent Lufkin Relieve Pain Points for Pro Users
For too long, professionals have had to deal with chalk reels that are messy, inefficient and poorly built. That’s why Crescent Lufkin is launching its new line of chalk reels, designed to erase the most…
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Tractor Supply Company Honors 2020 Top Vendor Partners
Each company was selected for their exceptional dedication, collaboration and commitment to offer products that resonate with the differentiated lifestyle…
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